You Should Be Writing!

You Should Be Writing!
September 12, 2016 2 Comments For Authors, Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

should writeWhat excuse is it this time?  Go ahead, throw one at me I haven’t already used.  Your muse broke a nail?  At least you are performing an acceptable alternative…reading about writing.

In truth, a writer’s brain is always working. Even on a subconscious level, we are working out plots and building characters.  I like to run movie-like images through to visualize the story line. We are infamous for not being able to sleep or waking up in early hours to jot down an idea.  Post-its and a pen are by my bed…and a flashlight…if I can’t see what I write then the next morning I will be debating if I took up Arabic script. 

The true trick is planting your tushie into a chair.  Easy, right?  With all the distractions that abound around us, it’s a wonder any books get written.  I see myself as my own worst enemy.  I convince myself that I must have the right environment for the words to flow. 

I am disabled, no kids, hubs works downstairs, dogs are sleeping….it doesn’t get much more ‘right’.  Still I procrastinate.  Not sure why.  Once I get into it, words roll.  It’s the getting started that seems like a hurdle. ‘Right’ is a state of mind. 

The Fall season is almost here.  Schools will once again take our children in at eight and spew them back out at three. So that is one distraction down although I would imagine the exhaustion of having them home all summer will take a few days of recovery.  Then it is time to get back to work.

Practice getting back into the zone and blocking distractions.  You can do that now.  It’s much like meditation and it takes time to master.  I’ve added these two sites for you to get a head start:  Eight ways to get into your creative zone and Two morning meditations that will unleash your creativity.

Try setting a timer.  During this amount of time there is total concentration and everything else can wait.  Start small, 15 minutes.  Then afterwards, check to make sure the dog hasn’t treed the cat, none of the kids are bleeding, the spouse…is an adult and can fend for itselfb0e7c2838f7923cab445c16869d565fa.  Reset the timer and…GO! 

Stop editing. I recently read an article that suggested turning off the monitor of your computer.  If you can’t then either close your eyes or put a piece of paper over the screen. This allows for stream of consciousness writing and, yes, it will require editing later. You can now by keyboards for smart phones and tablets so that they are easier to type on.  I just recently bought one for my Android phone for about 10 dollars. 

Quit trying to take the Point A to Point B to Point C route.  If you are writing and you come up with an idea, put it on the page you are on but make it bold or colored a different color.  Don’t stop to write it down in a notebook. You can go back and do that later.  Keep writing.

Make a space for just yourself and your work.  I’ve probably said this before but I really think a hall closet would make a great place for a writer’s haven. 

Clear it out, put up shelves, store your files in cardboard business boxed and put them on the top shelf, and install a wood or plastic desktop.  Now just find a seat you can roll under the desktop and you are all set.

If you have a laptop or tablet then work on battery power.  If you have a desktop, then put the tower on the floor and find an extension cord.  It would also be easy to add an outlet for all your electrical needs. 

When you are done…close the door.  This place is yours and it should be known that nobody else goes in that place.  Your work and your tools should be respected.  You should be respected.  You should respect yourself and your writing.

There is always a way.   It is simply a matter of priorities, imagination, and flexibility.  You are worthy.  You do deserve the time.  You can do this.   

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Nancy E Miller Nancy E. Miller, romantic suspense author of Shark Bait and Crystal Unicorns, lives near St. Louis with her husband and three dogs, pygmy goats, chickens and a cranky rooster named Ketchup. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She has worked in education and mental health as a case manager and crisis counselor.
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    Great advice, some that I need to be doing myself!

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