You Might be A Mother If

You Might be A Mother If
February 4, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Amanda Hester
You might be a mother if

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I don’t care if you’re Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie, Tina Fey, or well, any of us! There are some quirks of motherhood that are unavoidable and we are just happy that we recognize them in ourselves and each other (admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, or so I’m told). So, in true Jeff Foxworthy style, these Tweeting Mama’s say…..

You might be a mommy if……

…you are suffering from an identity crisis. You are no longer “you” rather you are ”so and so’s mom”. (@ScorpioScribes)

…you stash items in your bra, such as binkies, lollipops, and, well, money. (@ScorpioScribes)

…you hold your pee so long you forget you had to go! (@annieUS13)

…you can do everything with one hand! (@annieUS13)

…you see the spit up hit your shirt and you don’t even care! (Annie was this you?)

…you can crack an egg with your left hand, while balancing a baby on your hip, even though you’re
actually right handed. (@keeperofthehome)

…you tell everyone what you discovered in your kids diaper! (@CrystalC2B)

…your favorite show is SpongeBob! (@miscmama)

…you don’t mind leaving your house in sweat pants and no make up! (@miscmama)

…if you’ve greeted a caseworker at the door with a blanket on your head and said, “Hi! I’m Princess Mama!” (@chainedangel)

…you are able to continue eating whilst being spit up on. Or peed on. Or…you get the idea. (@bizy_body)

…when you skip bath time because it’s messier than the current condition of your child! (@taramcclenahan)

Ah, the joys of Motherhood! Please feel free to add yours below!!

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy,


Amanda Hester Amanda Hester is the founder and CEO of Our Write Side. As an author, she enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists. She is an artist and Wiccan who has an obsessive love of vampires, kilts, and blue butterflies. She is passionate about many topics and her posts are often laced with the snarky sense of humor one acquires from raising five teenagers, all at once. In her downtime, she can be found with her loving husband, Shawn, exploring the wilderness. She maintains her shreds of sanity with yoga, tea, and cats.

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