You Call That Homework Help? – Our Write Side

Parenting is a trying yet rewarding job. You have plenty of ups and downs. Some days you feel rewarded, it leaves you beaming with pride. Others are a challenge, leaving you to hide in a closet with a pint of ice cream. In between, you find ways to amuse yourself. The following anecdote from about five years ago is one such occasion.

So, I sat at the table with my daughter, helping her with homework. After zipping through her math assignments, the time came for…dun dun dun…spelling words!

What will it be? Three times each? Use each word in a sentence? Or, the dreaded,  ABC order??

Nope, it’s a study day. So, as she waits patiently with pencil poised above a clean sheet a paper, I begin the monotonous task of reading each word out loud so that she can print it. I get to word number five and decide to have a little fun (insert devilish mommy laugh here).

For your reference, the word is ‘what’ and the conversation went as follows:

Daughter: “Next word, mama.”

Me: “What.” (hee hee)

Daughter: “What is the word?”

Me: “Yes.” (lol)

Daughter: “Yes, what?”

Me: “Yes.” (giggle)

Daughter: “No, what is the spelling word?”

Me: “Yes!” (red faced)

Daughter: (sighs) “Mo-om”

Me: “WHAT is the spelling word.”

Daughter: “I don’t know! You’re s’posed to tell me!” (red-faced too)

Me: “The next word is what.”

Daughter: “You know what? I’ll just get Daddy to help. Daddy!”

Dad: “WHAT??” (devilish mommy laugh echoes then fades out)

Until next time, scribe happy, stay sassy, and torment your children!