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October 1, 2015October 1, 2015

Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has the time or the know-how to make that story come to life for someone else. That doesn’t mean your ideas aren’t important or your story doesn’t need to be told. Hiring a ghostwriter can help. From novels to articles, non-fiction or fiction, memoir to fantasy, I’ve been helping people get their ideas out for more than 15 years. Use this form and place “Ghostwriting with Wendy Strain” in the subject line. Prices will vary based on project details.

Content Creation

If you want to keep your customers constantly engaged, you know you need to keep up a constant flow of content but may struggle to find the time. Content creation is something I’ve been doing since I found myself running a newspaper all on my own. Covering business news, technology updates, creativity and inspiration, and travel among other things, there are very few topics I can’t help you with. Since prices will vary based on length of articles, length of contract, and depth of research, please contact me using this form and use “Content Creation with Wendy Strain” in the subject line for a quote.


Congratulations on finishing up your manuscript. Before you send your baby out to be judged by anyone from your beta readers, make sure it is dressed up in its finest. From full content edits, letting you know of any inconsistencies in the flow of your story or character breakdowns, to smaller edits and basic proofreading, I can help you make sure your story is in its best shape before being sent out. Let’s talk about your story and what you need. Use the contact form and place “Editing/Proofreading with Wendy Strain” in the subject line.


It can be hard to get the writing done sometimes. You have the idea in mind and you want to write it yourself, but you may not have the skills or you need someone you can talk with about your ideas. Finding creative writing courses and groups can be difficult and they don’t give you the one-on-one attention you’re looking for. As long as you have access to the computer, we can work together to help you refine your skills to the level you feel comfortable. Please use this form to contact me, adding “Coaching with Wendy Strain” to the subject line. Rates will be based on skill level and length of time needed.

Business Services

There’s more to writing than just the writing. I can help you with the creation of customized organization tools to help you keep track of your stories and submissions, cover blurbs and synopses for your titles, query letter help, research services, and website creation assistance if you need an extra hand navigating the insides of WordPress. If you have a business outside of the creative writing arena, I can also help you with business copywriting services such as white papers, brochures, and case studies. Please contact me using this form and place “Business Services with Wendy Strain” in the subject line to get a quote on help with what you need to get your writing business working.