Writer’s Block – GET OUT.

Writer’s Block – GET OUT.
June 27, 2016 2 Comments For Authors, Writing Advice Lilian Oake

When it comes to writing, the biggest reality for all of us is writer’s block. It’s not something anyone can really escape. Life happens.

We go to work. We parent, We’re in school. Whatever it is we do with our lives, our minds are constantly working and it’s only a matter of time before we go mentally mushed. It’s at that point that we either can’t form words into a proper sentence, or we have no drive left to even focus on our current project in the first place.

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There are a few things that can be done to take the edge off of writer’s block and get you back into your writerly world.

  • Reread what you have written. If you have anyone to read your work to and discuss your plot, that can do wonders. Getting your excitement for the story roaring again is the point. Talking about it and remembering what got you started on the story helps!
  • Start on another project. Something old. Something new. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes taking your mind away from your current project can help you have fresh eyes when you get back to it.
  • Read or watch movies. Spend your time doing something creative or something visually stimulating to get your imagination up and kicking. Music can also inspire a kick in the brainbutt.
  • When it comes down to, “nothing is working. Save me!” I have gotten through writers block by sitting my butt in front of the computer – armed with coffee and junk food – and staring at the screen until something comes to me. Not the ideal way, but it comes down to your own determination sometimes.

Writer’s block doesn’t make you any less of a writer or lessen your chances at success. It’s easy to feel down on yourself when your passion isn’t enflamed for whatever reason, but it’s important to remember that writer’s block is just a phase – and maybe even the universe telling you that you need to take a break! We’re not machines, right?

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Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends or writing groups for help, either. That’s what they’re there for and not only can outsiders help you out of the block, but, hey! You’ll make some new friends. All in all, a winning situation.

Still struggling with writer’s block? Check out this post by Stephanie Ayers, and watch the Writer’s Edge podcast for more great writer’s block discussions.

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Lilian Oake Lilian (aka L.F. Oake) writes young adult and children's fantasy stories that are good for the soul and teach the reader something if not just to value life and love. She's originally from Phoenix, AZ but now happily lives in the bushy part of North Carolina.
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    Stephanie Ayers

    Great take on writer’s block. These are great tips!


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