World Poetry Month: Free Verse with Eric Draven

World Poetry Month: Free Verse with Eric Draven
April 9, 2016 1 Comment Featured Poetry and Shorts, For Authors, OWS Features Eric Keizer

Eric “Crow” Draven is poet I respect and am honored to consider a friend. I asked him to share a lesson on free verse with you today. Here’s a brief bio about Mr. Draven:

Eric Draven* Performed on ESPN during the NBA All-Star game in Atlanta (Michael Jordan’s last All -Star game)
* Award winner author (2014 Poetry Author of the year and Spoken word Artist of the year nominee)
* Creator and Executive Produce of the original poetry documentary entitled “POETRY TV presents “THE CIPHER”. Which aired on Time Warner, Cablevision and Verizon Fios in NYC for 26 weeks.

How to write a modern/ free verse poem

Honestly I am not sure, I am very clear on the fact that I write in my feelings; that my pieces do not rhyme or follow a particular pattern. My words are often a reflection of my feelings, and my hands record the impact of those feelings. I am not consumed by the girth of words but more their ability to paint a vivid picture of what inspired my scribe. I release in the theme of the verse until I reach a conclusion.
The conclusion is clarified if I have accepted the emotion and if I give myself permission to turn the feeling into an action, or if the feeling requires something as simple as my acceptance.  I have a very intimate relationship with words, and when they play off of each other in the right context, I am instantly taken back to the place that created the piece and that will reveal what I have learned in my imperfections; and it will dictate what can be taught.
Here’s my example of free verse:

Built on perseverance (Thick Skin)

There are no superhero’s

Just ordinary people who fine immeasurable

Strength after the birth of their failures

Because “giving up” finds directions

To your psyche

And you become your greatest obstacle

Until you learn how to pick yourself back up

You build character every time you rise from falling

Because every cut eventually scabs and heals

And the emotional and physical scars

Often transforms into expertise and intuition

But there is no immunity against life’s consistent inconsistencies

So the girth of your soap box

Serves as a stage

And your ability to improve determines

Where your name will appear on the billing

Because the show must go on

It is your perseverance

That provide you with the tools to adapt and survive

Be brilliant, be faster, be stronger

Because being cocky means

You misread your new confidence as being better

Instead of being blessed

Don’t be so hard that you become numb

To anything outside of your understanding

Be a student, be willing to learn

Be undeterred by the number of times you have failed

But be inspired by the number of times you continue to pull yourself up

There are no superhero’s

Just ordinary people who fine immeasurable

Strength after the birth of their failures

The thickness of your skin is improved by your willingness

To fight when winning feels unlikely

It is your commitment to inhale when suffocation seems inanimate

It is acknowledging you have been protected

Because anything that hasn’t killed you

Has helped to build you

And everything you have been through

Has brought you to this junction

Where your train of thought can always find rails

This is why true strength cannot be measure

And why those who are half empty

Will never know your fulfillment

Featured on page 111 & 112 of The Search for Substance the Consumption, Addiction, Detoxification and Relapse of Life © 2011

The Challenge:

And now, we offer you a challenge to write your own free verse and remember, we are actively reading your work, so your poem could be the one featured in an upcoming newsletter or literary journal! Leave your free verse in the comments below.


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