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Here at Our Write Side, we recommend a lot of useful tools, products, and courses to our members to help you build up your own arsenal. As such, we use affiliate links. When you click these links, it helps us pay our contributors and continue to provide this awesome and useful content for you. Sometimes, we’re able to work out a special deal to get you a special price or tier of service beyond what they normally offer. So here is a list of our affiliates, along with our reviews of the products, and additional mentions to help you know more about the products.


We have a pretty large team, and all of us try out different editing services, service providers, tools and more. Here is a list of some of our affiliates:


We love ProWritingAid. They were one of our first sponsors for OWS back before we became a publisher. We were honored when they asked us to become one of their first affiliates. And once we started using their product, we knew we would love to tell other authors about it! Here is our Affiliate Link

We’ve also have several of our contributors review ProWriting Aid

See Stacy’s Review here

Here’s a guest post ProWritingAid did for Our Write Side on Vague and Abstract Words

Here is a list of Top Editing Tools, where we also mention ProWritingAid

And here are our Tips and Tricks to Save on Editing Costs.

Here is a post on How Do You Edit 

Marketing/ Social Media Tools

Marketing and social media. The time suck and bane of many authors’ existence. And yet, without it, you cannot make money. Here are some handy tools we recommend to help make your life easier and save time when it comes to social media and marketing.

Matt McWilliam’s Affiliate Course-

This is a great course for teaching you how to add affiliate marketing to your own blog and help you learn how to make money between your books. Here is our Affiliate Link

Here’s an article we did on How To Monetize Your Blog Post


Promo Republic-

We absolutely LOVE Promo Republic! Two of our Top three marketers at OWS Ink literally use it every single day. Because if you have a ton of social media pages and groups that you have to interact with, Promo Republic makes it so easy to schedule posts across all your platforms. From image creation tools to the scheduler, to calendars with suggestions to plug into, Promo Republic makes social media EASY. Here is our Affiliate Link


E-newsletter Tools


Aweber is a great tool for building your e-newsletter and offers great price points. Here is our Affiliate Link


Business Tools

I Sign Here-

Contracts are a necessity for any soloprenuer. As an author, whether you are hiring an illustrator, cover designer, editor, or more, having your own contract service guarantees you have control over the business. It amazes me how many authors work without a service. You don’t need to do that anymore. Get ISignHere month to month.

Karl has agreed that any of our members signing up using coupon code OWS2018 will get a 10% discount.

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