Our Write Side Community

Why A Community?

OWS Ink, LLC was founded on the very principle of community. We have worked long and hard to provide safe places for writers to learn, network, and grow. And, in complement, we have provided a resource for readers to discover and connect with authors on our siter site owsink.ourwriteside.com. If you haven’t found a writing or reading community please consider joining us or any one of the fantastic communities we work with. Additionally, you can find the links to all of OWS Ink’s social network profiles at the top of this site.

Here’s what’s on our events calendar for the foreseeable future!

Do you know of an event that should be on our calendars? Please email us at events@ourwriteside.com with the important details Who, what, when, where, why (we want our people to come.) Be sure to include any links or images associated with the event.

If your event is exclusively focused on readers, please put READER EVENT in the subject line.

Examples of reader-focused events:

If you have a podcast that talks about the reader side of things: Book reviews, new releases, author interviews, etc. This would go here.

If you have a Facebook party, release tour, radio appearance, guest signing, etc that would go here.

If you have a book signing, will be at a convention, are doing a booktalk IRL (In the real world) you can add it here too!

If you have a sale going on, that would go here.

If you have a twitter event that is focused on readers (For example #HeidiAngellAMA which she often does one night during a tour and fans can ask her anything.)

If your event is for authors, please put “AUTHOR INTEREST” in the subject line. 

Examples of author-focused events:

If you are planning a blog hop, book tour, Facebook party etc and need authors to help participate.

If you have a podcast geared toward writers perfecting their craft, marketing, etc.

If you have a twitter event that writers can participate in to engage with readers.

If an event is for readers, it will end up on both calendars, but author-specific events will only be on the ourwriteside calendar.

If you are doing a webinar/ Facebook chat/ looking for guests for your scheduled podcast

If you have courses or books specifically geared to authors on sale.

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