Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing
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If you made up your mind to become a writer, you should accept that it takes time and effort to master the craft. A secret technique which could help you turn into a real writer within one day does not exist. But nothing is impossible! Though all the creative writing tips which will help you boost your skills are not new, they are very effective. And, what’s even better, they are easy for implementation. Though none of them is a sensation, every such trick is helpful when it comes to a training program for a new sensation in the world of writers. Get acquainted with them and make your way in this domain!

Read before you set to writing


This is the best universal advice. I have never met a successful writer who was not passionate about reading because it is a must for a specialist in this field. Enriching your vocabulary, you will improve writing skills most naturally. Favorite genres may vary, but if you are serious about your desire to enhance your skills, you should not stick to the one and only genre. Do your best! You can only significantly expand your horizons when you make an attempt to penetrate into some other realms than the usual one. Go beyond!

Read works by popular writers in your field

To learn what attracts readers who are your target audience, you should get acquainted with the works of successful writers representing your sphere. Thus, you learn which creative writing tips are helpful when you want to become a fan favorite and determine which are not used in this concern. Of course, you can try to apply some of them in your work. What’s more valuable, this way you can find out which creative writing techniques or tricks are not yet widely used that will help you to stand out from the crowd and win over your audience.

Keep a register of new vocabulary units

True writers never stop enlarging their vocabulary baggage. There is no limit to perfection! To make certain you can “furnish” your creative writing with great vocabulary units put them down in your notebook when reading fiction, specialized literature, newspapers, etc. Make a dictionary your second best friend so that you could look up for every word exciting your curiosity. Ascertain your notes are readable. Divide a page into several columns including transcription, translation, and examples of its usage from text or directly from the dictionary. It simplifies the process of memorization to a great extent.

Meet closer to grammar

You must have noticed plenty of times that outstanding writers break the rules. Some beginners think the reason is that to become a popular author you don’t obligatory need to learn them. Just on the contrary! Making silly mistakes at every step can hardly contribute to your career in this domain – it only shows that you don’t know your professional issues to get the title of a master. You should improve writing skills to get closer to it. Before you are given a “license” to break rules, you should learn how to break them.

Train your observation ability


Inspiration is one of the core aspects of creative writing – its absence leads to a “disorder” named “writer’s block” when you stuck at the very beginning of the process of writing feeling puzzled because there is no single worthy idea about the plot and the very first sentence. The biggest mistake is to continue forcing yourself to produce some valuable material looking at the white sheet of paper with your hands sweated and ideas mixed. Don’t do that! Instead of waiting for a muse to come, come out and look for some prompts outdoors – you can never know what will inspire you. Go for a walk and observe what is going on in your surroundings. Listen to people’s conversations, observe their conduct, or just enjoy the diversity of colors. A concert, an exhibition, a visit to the cinema or theater, or escape to some godforsaken place to enjoy the sounds of nature will be inspiring. That is how to improve writing and overcome the writer’s block without any pain! Everyone finds its source in different places – find yours to start creating easily.

Note what inspires you

To become a writer, you should investigate the realm of inspiration to exclude the possibility of the writer’s block occurrence in your professional life. Do you think your life is boring? Even if nothing incredible happens to you every day, some little wonders are regular in the life of every person. The matter is in focus – we concentrate on some things we would like to change rather than pleasant moments and things that are dear to our hearts. To succeed in creative writing, you should set free from this “disorder”. You can notice plenty of pleasant things if you do your best! It can be the taste of your morning coffee with a favorite chocolate bar, your husband’s hugs, a funny joke from the Internet, etc. Include in this list any other little thing making you smile and feel comfortable. Every time you feel those emotions, make a note about this feeling in a special notebook to come back to it when there is no inspiration. This is one of those creative writing techniques that will boost the quality of your life!

Join writer’s communities

No man is an island, but even if you are a lone wolf, you can find plenty of useful tips due to communication in writer’s communities. That is here that you can learn about current tendencies, the latest creative writing techniques, approaches, services, and soft which will simplify your task to polish your skills and announce about yourself in the world. For those who are looking for a reliable advisor, it is an excellent opportunity to find a mentor. Anyway, camaraderie in your realm can help you reveal your talent. There is a great variety of groups including amateur communities, professional ones, fiction or non-fiction groups, some of which are international, others stick to some territory. Choose yours and enjoy communication with those who have adjacent interest.

To write good allow yourself to write bad

You will never master this craft if you do not make an effort to forget about your perfectionism. To make progress in this concern, you should keep putting one foot in front of the other without paying attention to remarks of your inner critic until you finished the first draft. To improve writing skills, you should not be afraid of making mistakes. It is an obligatory element of studying process. But proofreading should take place when your draft is complete because you will never start creating exciting stories if you do not allow yourself producing material that is quite boring, contains grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Little by little, hitch your wagon to a star!

Rewrite a well-known story

If you are a beginner in creative writing, this is a worthy practice to acquire skills without any stress. As a first step, choose some story (a tale or a novel) and introduce some changes in its plot, including new characters, retell it from the point of view of some hero, change the final scene or style of presentation which is one of the favorite creative writing techniques of many writers. Even the Red Riding Hood will serve for this practice. What if Red Riding Hood came to granny together with her elder brother? Or what if her granny was not at home? The story can turn both into a comedy or a thriller, depending on your preferences and changes in the plot.

Make writing your regular practice

To become a decent writer in the shortest timeframe, you should practice as often as possible. All of us are busy with other multiple duties. Devote at least 10 minutes to improve writing skills every day and connect this activity with your interests. If you are fond of “Harry Potter” series, write a letter to one of the heroes or just tell about your reflections on the topics raised in one of these books.

These simple tricks represent the basis which can help you become an artist in words. Just do your best!

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