Raising Voices: To Social Media or Not To Social Media

Raising Voices: To Social Media or Not To Social Media
November 9, 2015 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Amanda Hester


Jiovanni joins again for this week’s edition of Raising Voices. Today he is discussing his thoughts on the effects of social media. We’d love to hear your thoughts.






What if one day you walked into a restaurant and it was almost completely silent; the only noise was the sound of text alerts and other app sounds? If social media continues the way it has been for the last couple decades, this is a likely scenario you will see in the future. Technology is ever advancing; as humans, we have gone from the wheel to be able to predict the weather, cure diseases, and create artificial intelligence. Also, not everything humans create is ever perfect or flawless. I want to look specifically at the smartphone, not on the phone itself, but what people use it for and the effects it has on us as a whole.

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Let’s look at some pros about the use of the smartphone before we start dogging it. Telephones were originally created to be communication devices. The man who made the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, didn’t think he was going to be playing Pac-man on it or something irrelevant to communication. Being able to communicate with someone over a distance in real time, I believe, was one of the greatest breakthroughs in technology for humans. Over time, as our knowledge expands, we’ve been able to turn the telephone into the cellular phone. It’s so much better and can do many more things on it, but as the saying goes,

“Bigger isn’t necessarily better.”

Now let’s look at the many cons about the smartphone. The smartphone allows for easy access to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which in turn have their own effects on people. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter promote text slang for example; your is turned into “ur”. I believe the constant use of text slang on these social media sites seriously affects the grammar of younger people of today’s society.

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The big point I want to address is face-to-face communication skills today. People are so used to talking to each other through technology that it’s starting to hurt our social skills. Having social media skills is crucial to everyday life. Social skills can be used to make you appear better during a job interview, with personal relationships, and more. Because people communicate so frequently using technology, eventually people could stop interacting with one another altogether!

Now let’s just quickly go over the good reasons why having a smartphone outweighs the bad reasons. With your phone, you can contact people in real time, exchange information and other important things.Now let’s go over the cons of people using smartphones. Social skills start to diminish due to constant communication through social media sites, and slowly but surely it’s affecting grammar. Now, I’ve given the good reasons and the bad reasons for using a smartphone. What is more important?  Communication or social and grammar skills?

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I believe communication, social, and grammar skills are all important, which is why I think phones with talking and texting should be enough for people. When you want to check Facebook or Twitter, wait until you go home and just check it on your computer two or three times a day. People are using social apps nearly 24/7, and this frequent use of social media through smartphones is what is affecting people as a whole so greatly.

Overall, having communication isn’t a bad thing, but maybe the constant use of communication through the smartphone is a bad thing. If everyone just had phones with talk and text capabilities, would we still have these ever growing problems today?

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