The Negotiator

The Negotiator
May 3, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

There are many careers that require great negotiation skills. Such as a lawyer, or a marriage counselor. Real estate agents and personal recruiters need great negotiating skills. Oh, and of course, hostage negotiators (which is what I often feel like). I am proud to say my daughter could nail any one of these jobs, for she is the ultimate negotiator. The following conversation is excellent evidence of her wonderful negotiating skills:


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Her: “Mommy, can I have some cookies?” (This is 5 minutes before dinner, mind you.)

Me: “No, it’s almost time for dinner.”

Her: “But I’m starving! I’m gonna starve to deaf!”

Me: “You are not going to starve to death in the next 5 minutes.”

Her: “Yes I am! And you don’t even care cuz you don’t love me no more!” (que the dramatic sobbing)

Me: “Why don’t you go set the table, then it will be time to eat?”

Her: “No, no, no! I need to eat now! Please, Mommy, just one cookie?”

Me: “Fine, one cookie.” (Let’s face it; I’m never going to get dinner on the table with her sobbing at my feet.)

Her: “Oh, thank you, Mommy! Can I just get three?” (Here we go…)

Me: “I said you could have one.”

Her: “But I’m starving! I’m gonna starve to deaf!” (I will never win!)

Me: “One cookie will hold you over for 5 minutes.”

Her: “But, I’m so hungry my stomach hurts!” (Can you say Drama Queen?)

Me: “I will give you two cookies, that’s it.”

Her: “Ok!”


pikabum / Pixabay

I’m starting to think two cookies was her diabolical plan all along…

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