The Business of Writing Erotica

The Business of Writing Erotica
February 1, 2017 1 Comment For Authors, Writing Advice E.C. Jarvis

What a messy business this is… or can be. Messy, sticky, squishy… you kinda need to take a shower afterwards. Erotica, as a genre, is the ugly cousin of all other genres. It’s looked down on and sneered at by many in the industry, writers, publishers, editors, even readers. But it’s there, and for a good reason. It is a market segment all on its own and you know what? It sells. Damn does it sell! Sex always does.
business of writing eroticaLook, I’m not here to discuss the moral or ethical business of this element of the literary world. That’s up to you. If you don’t like porn, then don’t watch it. If you don’t like erotica, then don’t read or write it. Nothing in the world of art is mandatory. But if you have a sexy side to your literary endeavours and want to dip your naked toe in the orgy pond of erotica, then I have a few tips for you.
1. Don’t feel ashamed
Some people might sneer at you for writing smut. Screw them. There is no shame in it. I REPEAT THERE IS NO SHAME IN IT. Sex is part of human nature, no matter how many puritanical blowhards try to tell you otherwise. There is no shame in talking about it, enjoying it, imagining it, and certainly no shame in writing it. I can understand if you feel the need to create a pseudonym to publish under, because not everyone wants their family and friends to have access to their dirty desires on paper, but having a pseudonym is not the same as being ashamed of your work. You can still be proud via proxy, and I advise you to have pride in your work regardless of what genre you write in.

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2. Read a lot of smut
From the mundane, to the extreme, to the romantic, to the ridiculous, there is a large volume of erotic work in the world (and I mean gargantuan – so big you can hardly fit it all in. It will certainly make your eyes water at any rate). Read it in quantities and learn from it. Then go look up the authors. Get your stalking hat on and pay attention to their social media, website content and whatever else they have on offer. Read, look, listen and learn.
3. Reach out
There are a lot of erotica writers in the world, and they love to talk and make friends with like-minded people. Don’t be afraid to join some Facebook groups and engage in a few discussions. Networking is essential, and you can make some valuable lifelong friendships along the way.
There is something especially marvelous about a well written erotic book. I’m a glutton for a good read with some good hard humping in the middle, and you know what? So are a lot of other people. Perhaps they aren’t so candid, but they’re out there, ready and waiting for your words to make them all hot and bothered. So get to it!

E.C. Jarvis E.C. Jarvis is a British author working mainly in speculative and fantasy fiction genres. Since 2015, she has independently published five books spanning two different genres and series. The Machine, The Pirate, and The War in The Blood and Destiny series - a steampunk adventure. Desire and Duty, and Lust and Lies in The Consort's Chronicles series - an erotic fantasy. If you like action packed, fast-paced page turners, then try one of her books. There's never a dull moment in those pages. She was born in Surrey, England in 1982. She now resides in Hampshire, England with her daughter and husband. For more information visit
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    Kat Avila

    I’ve flirted with writing erotica. One day, when my current works are done, I might delve deeper into the genre.


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