Teacher Tales: Rainy Afternoon

Teacher Tales: Rainy Afternoon
January 13, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Eric Keizer

I’ve caught myself a cold of some kind and am feeling a bit ill, so this week, I’m sharing a poem. Enjoy.

Rainy Afternoon

steel sky cries
desperate frustration
and wonders if it wouldn’t
be better to not feel at all.
No one shows his faces,
afraid to reveal
mechanical facets,
and so hurry forth
heads down like
snakes unafraid to shed skins
once they’re worn through,
But my steel sky
lingers on,
forgives being ignored,
surrenders to
vagaries of winds which
blow self-loathing
Leagues out to sea.

Enjoy my poetry? I post it often on Starving Poets Tour.


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