Teacher Tales: Walking Home

Teacher Tales: Walking Home
May 11, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Eric Keizer

For Teacher Tales this week, I’m sharing two new poems. Enjoy!

Walking Home

Timbo84 / Pixabay

Midnight strikes.

a bell’s loneliest peals

Resound with

a call to worship

on cold and empty streets.

Bring Nyx your offerings

As succor for Erebus.

Lest he can’t be coaxed.

& she,

Emaciated by 4:30’s

Glowing rosy cheeks

Turns down her bed

In one last, defiant act of


Ambivalence in neutrality.

©2016 Eric Keizer

Summer Fling

dakzxz / Pixabay

I felt a funky rhythm

Of your heartbeat by the shore,

And hoped that we could lie in bliss

Together, evermore.

But all last summer

We dashed ourselves against a wall,

I guess our crumpled hearts

only swelled before the fall.

I feel a broken rhythm

Of a heart that beats alone,

I never dreamed that you could leave

Or I’d face this maze on my own.

But all last summer

We quickly flashed all fire-bright,

I guess it’s only fitting then,

That I’m missing you tonight.

©2016 Eric Keizer


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