Teacher Tales: Ode Challenge

Teacher Tales: Ode Challenge
April 20, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Eric Keizer

In keeping with the fantastic challenges our World Poetry Month poets have given us, I have tried my hand at creating an “ode”  following the methods shared by Philip Church on Saturday. Please enjoy!

WPM Featured Image

Mother and King

Hail to the Ides of Spring!

As tiny flowers bloom and grow,

mad winter loses its icy king,

while Mother sweeps away the snow.

Gabriella sobs just outside her door,

Oppressive yokes from shoulders flung.

LV11 / Pixabay

She cries for Him, who loves to roam,

He won’t come back here anymore.

His final bell toll has been rung,

She sweeps his ashes from her home.

©2016 Eric Keizer


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