Teacher Tales: Duality

Teacher Tales: Duality
May 18, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Eric Keizer

Hello, it’s me again, here with your weekly Wednesday Teacher Tales. I’ve been in a poetry mood lately, and today I’m sharing my poem: Duality. Enjoy!



Light and shadows interplay,

In their symbiotic dreams,

For without light no shadows fall,

And nothing’s as it seems.

Truths and fictions often turn

To concrete in the light,

Truths revealed and lies concealed

To make the proud contrite.

Shadows are such wanton things,

And shift to flee their plight,

They yawn and stretch until they grow,

To fuel all voids at night.

And we are naught but shadows,

In valleys of our Sun,

We scurry to conceal our sins,

Until our race is run.

©2015 Eric Keizer

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