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Amazing Sites for Research

  I was researching a column on writer???s block and stumbled over a fantastic resource for mental health issues. That is just how it happens sometimes. One search will give not only what you want but put you on the path of your next story.

Prompt: Advanced Settings

MC 2015: Moonlit Illusion

I live in the middle of the east coast, south of the Mason-Dixon Line. We’ve had a lot, and I mean A LOT, of weather lately (with more coming). Snow days felt like summer trying to keep a hyperactive 7 year old busy while tending

Prompt: Advanced Settings

Master Class 2015: On Location

Last week was interesting to say the least. I’m still futzing around working on a writing schedule that coincides??with having a 2-month old around 24/7. The hubby, who has been on “winter leave”, managed to get some time in thanks to Mother Nature so it’s

Prompt: Advanced Settings

MC 2015: Slice the Pie

Master Class sort of fell off a cliff last year but there have been several who have been asking me when it would return. Now that the holidays have officially ended (though my tree is still up), I plan to get back to this. I’ve

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Countdown to 500 (#5)

Y’all! My next post is 500!! Woot! Woot! Today’s offering is??my favorite dessert (besides ice cream)…   Yesterday I promised you a 500 word short story (and it is exactly 500 words!), and I hope this doesn’t disappoint. Inspiration Monday inspired, here is: Last Meal

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Master Class Session 4: Weekly Challenge

If you are looking for the biweekly and monthly challenges, click here. Don’t forget that the monthly challenge is due by Friday. Voting on the best story will begin on Saturday and the winner will be announced on Monday. ??A new monthly prompt will go

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Judgment Coming

The loud squeak of the saloon doors swinging open made everyone turn and look, just as they always did. A small tremble filtered through the bar. The last time a stranger had passed through those doors, the town had lost seven good men. A dozen

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