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On Writing Poetry

As writers, we often hear the lament from other writers that, ???No one reads or cares about poetry anymore.??? While on the surface, this statement appears to have some validity (as reflected on the home pages of ??many publishing houses), there continues to be an

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Poetry: Summer ’76 by Eric Keizer

Eric Keizer is the poetry editor for OWS as well as a regular contributor. Summer ’76 We sweated it out, Backseat riders on blue pleather, As Afternoon Delight flooded our Cigarette fueled dreams. Moms with macram?? bags Dads with porkchop sideburns And Old Style beer

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Poetry by Eric Keizer: Tides

I’ve got some new poetry. Enjoy “Tides.” Tides Oceans rose high last night, After tides had settled in Cold surf lapped at silica throats. Like furtive lovers, Seafoam and sand Touched, Caressed broken skins, Slipped back onto themselves, and dreamed Of holding one another In

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Poetry: Wanderlust by Zainab Attari

Zainab Attari is a multi-talented woman. She loves creativity and illustrates her creative side with her artistic and linguistic skills. She is an entrepreneur at Chimerical Creativity which is a home-based business of handmade dream catchers. She has a Master???s degree in English Literature &

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Teacher Tales: Duality

Hello, it’s me again, here with your weekly Wednesday Teacher Tales. I’ve been in a poetry mood lately, and today I’m sharing my poem: Duality. Enjoy! Duality Light and shadows interplay, In their symbiotic dreams, For without light no shadows fall, And nothing???s as it

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Poetry: Cigarette by J.K. Allen

Our Special feature today comes from the files of one of our regular contributors, J.K. Allen. Cigarette The color of autumn burns slow at the end of my cigarette The flaring embers of passion turning to ash with each inhale of breath This is the

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Teacher Tales: Walking Home

For Teacher Tales this week, I’m sharing two new poems. Enjoy! Walking Home Midnight strikes. a bell???s loneliest peals Resound with a call to worship on cold and empty streets. Bring Nyx your offerings As succor for Erebus. Lest he can???t be coaxed. & she,

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