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Amazing Sites for Research

  I was researching a column on writer???s block and stumbled over a fantastic resource for mental health issues. That is just how it happens sometimes. One search will give not only what you want but put you on the path of your next story.

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Flash Fiction: Monsters by Nancy Miller

Nancy Miller is a regular columnist and illustrator for OWS. Besides her romantic suspense novels, she does art, poetry, and short stories. Today we share a poignant piece of flash from her archive: Monsters They say whoever fights monsters needs to be careful not to

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Book review: Crimson Bayou by Alizabeth Lynn

Title:??Crimson Bayou Author:??Alizabeth Lynn Genre: Paranormal Romance Amazon Rating:??4.7 stars Reviewer: Nancy Miller Blurb: For Carissa Blaine, going home is both the easiest and the hardest decision she’s ever had to make. She is a young widow looking to move on with her life, and

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When the World Won’t Stop

Last week my sister and her dog, Dakota, came to visit on their way to their new home in Idaho.?? When my nephew heard she was coming through, he and his fianc??e decided to go ahead and get married.?? There were other factors but she

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Reviewing: Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Book reviews are simply a matter of fact in a writer???s life.?? It is the law of averages that some of the reviews will be less than stellar.?? Even the most popular authors get dragged through the mud. Harper Lee published only one book in

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Book Review: Master List for Writers by Bryn Donovan

Author: Bryn Donovan Title: Master List for Writers Genre:??Non-fiction/reference Amazon rating: 4.7 stars Reviewer:??Nancy Miller Blurb: Write faster…write more! Master Lists for Writers makes ???show, don???t tell??? a lot easier and helps you figure out your story more quickly. In this book, you???ll find: ???

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