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Amazing Sites for Research

  I was researching a column on writer???s block and stumbled over a fantastic resource for mental health issues. That is just how it happens sometimes. One search will give not only what you want but put you on the path of your next story.

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Elements of a Good Book Cover

It???s the first thing your reader sees.?? Whether it is the front, back, or spine, it should immediately draw their attention.?? You want them to pick it up, to open it to the first page.?? Then you have about thirty seconds to make your case.??

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Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Memoir

?????????????????????????????? Why is it important to review Nonfiction genres when most of us write Fiction??? Because learning is good and it is writing and???well, you don???t really believe Memoirs are completely factual, do you??? Anything based on a person???s memories is definitely going to be

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Wednesday Writers Wisdom: The Bookseller

In the literary community, there is a heated debate in regards to digital books versus print books. Naturally, this extends to the concept of online book retailers versus brick and mortar stores. Many avid book lovers will tell you there is nothing better than savoring

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Dance of the Veils

?????? Recently I was asked how I build suspense in my books. As a writer of romantic suspense, I admit that at first I had no idea.?? CRYSTAL UNICORNS just poured out of me as I released a lot of angst.?? It was with my

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How Do You Plot Your Novel?

  ?????????? Some writers see plotting as a jumbled up bowl of spaghetti beyond their ability to comprehend. It is, by far, the most nerve-wracking aspect of the writing process.?? The most boring is editing, but that???s another subject.?? You may see plotting much like

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