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Author Shakyra Dunn
March 19, 2017 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Name: Shakyra Dunn Latest Release: The One Left Behind: Magic (Book 1) Genre: Fantasy; YA Email: shakyradunn.author@yahoo.com Shakyra Dunn can’t stray away from the impression that there is always an adventure around every corner! When she isn???t playing the role of the Creator, she is marching through the worlds of her favorite video game characters

Tips to Maintain a Consistent Author Brand
February 23, 2017 Writing Advice A.L. Mabry

???Personal brands have become anvils on which great businesses are forged??? ??? Bernard Kelvin Clive Sometimes it is easy to get locked into a narrow view of what your brand means and who your audience is. With this article, we hope we can expand your vision as we look at how to maintain a consistent

Author Andy Peloquin
February 19, 2017 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Not only is Andy Peloquin one of our monthly columnists, but he’s also an author and vlogger. Check out his YouTube page to see his panels in action. Name:??Andy Peloquin Latest Release:??The Last Bucelarii (Book 2): Lament of the Fallen Genre: Dark fantasy/grimdark Email:??andy.peloquin@gmail.com Andy Peloquin–a third culture kid to the core–has loved to read

Author Jonathan Shipley
December 4, 2016 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Crimson Edge Press releases its annual anthology within the next few months. In preparation for this release, we’d like to introduce you to the authors of the stories contained within Maidens & Magic. Our first author introduction is Jonathan Shipley. Name: Jonathan Shipley Latest Release: Shadows in Salem: Wicked Tales from the Witch City (FunDead

Author Sarah Burhman
December 3, 2016 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Name: Sarah Buhrman Latest Release: Too Wyrd Genre: Urban Fantasy Email: revwolfcat@gmail.com Sarah is an AuthorGoddess, one who embraces the divine honor of creating worlds with words in the hope of inspiring others. Sarah has been writing for more than 20 years. She lives in the middle of nowhere with two monsters (the kids), an

Author Donna S. Frelick
November 27, 2016 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Name: Donna S. Frelick Latest Release: Fools Rush In, Book 3, Interstellar Rescue series Genre: Science Fiction Romance Email:??dsfrelick@msn.com Donna S. Frelick has been a journalist, a Peace Corps Volunteer and an author of STAR TREK fan fiction. She was an RWA?? Golden Heart?? Double Finalist in 2012 for the first two novels in her

The Confidence Paradox
November 21, 2016 Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

The strangest thing about confidence for a writer is that we work so hard for it then we stumble, get a bad review, or just plain shoot ourselves in the foot (metaphorically).?? Often, we give up our dreams because we can???t take the pressure of trying to maintain our confidence against perceived unending attacks. In

Author Sydney Blackburn
November 13, 2016 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Sydney Blackburn is an active member of many writing groups on Facebook. She is a seasoned author with great advice to share. Thank you for joining us today, Sydney! Name: Sydney Blackburn Latest Release: (single title) Imperfect Memories (writing as Vivian James)??(short story in anthology) ???Drastic Measures??? in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Starstruck Genre: romance,

Authors Tia Tormen and C.K. Stone
November 6, 2016 Interviews Stephanie Ayers

Our Write Side meets many authors, both online and in real life. We are enthralled with the two authors we interview today, both writers with many talents to share with the writing community.??We first introduced you to Tia Tormen via her Goodreads giveaway post, but today, we go in depth with both her and her

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