Submission Guidelines

Open Book Submissions

We are currently CLOSED for submissions!
(Excludes Anthologies)

What are we looking for in a submission? Now that really is a trick question. Our board is looking for books that grab us, stories that captivate us, and authors we can believe in. We are looking for authors who are willing to join our team and invest not only in their story but in themselves and in us. 

We’re not so picky about genre. We’re here for the story. 

Amanda Hester loves whores and gore (though not necessarily together.) 

Rebekah Jonesy loves wordplay and swordplay. 

J.K. Allen is all about Winged Folks. YA or adult, just take her to magical realms. 

Heidi Angell loves exploring the mysteries of the mind, tech, and the universe. 

Isa McLaren loves all things criminal. 

We really are looking for any genre, but we will not publish any books that promote hate, violence, or assault (sexually or otherwise. It can have these elements in it, but not shown in a favorable light and not described in fetishistic or a gratuitous manner.) 

At this time we cannot publish individual poetry chapbooks. If you have poetry you would like to promote, please submit to our poetry anthology if it meets the theme. 

We cannot publish children’s books that require an illustrator. If you already have an illustrator then you are welcome to submit. 

Submission Guidelines- Follow Exactly

All submissions should contain 2 documents emailed together to . If the submission is for an anthology the subject line should be the name of the anthology you are submitting to. (Learn more about our anthologies. ) If you are submitting a book for publication the subject line should be Submission for Publication.

The first document should be a single page Word document with:

Full name, pen name if you use one

Home address

Email Address

Title of Work


Word Count

A few lines describing your story.

The second document should be the full manuscript, with the title.

We do not need fancy scene break markers, page numbers, headers, or anything else. All we need from you is a complete story and the ability to contact you.

Please wait 90 days before following up on any submissions. 

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