Pure Love by Archana Kapoor

Pure Love by Archana Kapoor
May 7, 2016 No Comments » Featured Poetry and Shorts, For Authors, OWS Features Stephanie Ayers

Archana Kapoor is our poet of the month. Read her interview here.

Ben_Kerckx / Pixabay

Pure Love

The rumour of your arrival
Sets my heart racing
I can’t help but wait…
With bated breath

But how do I know
You will be by my side
You never allow me
The joy of anticipation

It’s the air that tells me
When it blows so bitter cold
The backdrop transforms
Grey to silvery…

There’s that sweet smell
In the breeze
The prospect of you with me
Ah, sweet turns sugary!

And then I see you,
That small white form
That gets bigger
And better…

tpsdave / Pixabay

From a mere silhouette
To a bright light
As I close my eyes
To visualise you!

When I open my eyes
My spirits fly high
At the discernible
Achromic expanse

Such metamorphoses
The world bows! And moi?
Oh! My dearest snow
I love you so…

©2016 Archana Kapoor

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