Sassy Scorpio Scribes: The Open Letter

Sassy Scorpio Scribes: The Open Letter
May 12, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Amanda Hester

“Let your boys test their wings. They may not be eagles, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t soar free.” ~C.J. Milbrandt, On Your Marks: The Adventure Begins

We all know what an open letter is. A passive aggressive attempt to get a big message out to a specific (or not so specific) audience. A public outcry when one has neither the time nor resources to deliver their message to each and every recipient they would like to have receive it. Today I have an open letter to America and anyone else who cares to read it.

Dear America,

18 years, 8 months, and 3 days ago I welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world. He was my first born and I was completely enamored with him. During my pregnancy, I faced harsh criticisms. I was only 17 years old, I had no business thinking I could be a mother. However, my heart said differently. I knew from every fiber of my being I was meant for this child, and he was meant for me.

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 He saved me in many ways. I was a teenage girl fresh from an abusive childhood looking for ways to dull the residual pain. I had made some poor choices but nothing drastic…yet. I was teetering on a precipice that so many of us do at that age. I was ready to dive head first into a life of partying and nonsense and constant external distraction to quiet what was in my head. 

And then, there were two pink lines. Like a switch was flipped, my mindset changed. I knew any and every choice I made, I made twice. Once for myself, and once for the life I was bringing into this world. And I made the best choices I could at every opportunity. Oh, I made mistakes. I messed up. But I tried, with everything I was, to be a good mother and to raise a good boy. They told me I would bring another problem child into the world. I wouldn’t have the skills to raise him right and he would end up just another drain on society.

Oh, but they were wrong. You were wrong, America, to tell a teenage girl she could not be a good mother. Do I condone teen pregnancy? No. Being a young mom is not the worst kind of mom you can be.

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I raised this boy. I raised him for me and I raised him for you. He is smart and funny. He has a heart of gold and a soft spot for his momma. He has made me oh so proud and this month I will watch him walk across that coveted stage to hold that diploma, move that tassel, and smile into the face of the future. It is what comes after that which makes my breath catch in my throat.

After that, I will give him to you, America. I will send him far away to train for his duties as an Airman, in the United States Air Force. I will trust that he has learned everything that I modeled for him. That he will stand strong on his own moral ground and be the man I now see when I look into his eyes.

Take care of him, America. I have done all I can to prepare him for what lies beyond. Beyond our front door, beyond our state line, and beyond the limitations life tried to force on us. I smile knowing he will shine a light into this sometimes dark world. I am so sad that this little birdie is ready to fly from the nest, but man are his wings a sight to see.



He restores my faith in humanity because if he exists then I know others like him do, too, and they are the ones who will change this world. 


Former Teenage Mother


Amanda Hester Amanda Hester is the founder and CEO of Our Write Side. As an author, she enjoys writing in all genres and forms, even grocery lists. She is an artist and Wiccan who has an obsessive love of vampires, kilts, and blue butterflies. She is passionate about many topics and her posts are often laced with the snarky sense of humor one acquires from raising five teenagers, all at once. In her downtime, she can be found with her loving husband, Shawn, exploring the wilderness. She maintains her shreds of sanity with yoga, tea, and cats.

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