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November 30, 2015November 10, 2015

This week on Raising Voices, I am featuring my younger son, Emeril,who  wrote this poem several years ago after we were evicted from our house and staying at my ex-Mother in Law’s. Emeril is now a bright and witty 16 year old who has overcome the many obstacles life has thrown our way.

Roots and Roses

We have to move away from our home

It’s like taking a rose away from the garden

You cut the roses stem and take it inside

Taking us away from our home

Is like cutting the rose

You cut it off from its home

Its roots

You take it away from where it belongs

If a rose could feel a hand holding it

And those garden trimmers cutting it

Then pulling it away

I bet it would cry

So why would someone make a rose cry?

I don’t know

Do you think you would take someone away from their home

Cut them off of their roots

Take them away from where they belong?

condesign / Pixabay

I think moving is one of those life events that we (adults) feel everyone flows with. I mean, people move all the time, right? The reality is that moving can be very scary for children especially when there is uncertainty involved. Four years ago I had to make a very difficult decision for my children and myself. I moved us across the country, away from everyone they knew, because of their father.I talked to them throughout the process and beyond, they understood the darkness he cast over all of us and they flourished after the move. Leaving so much darkness allowed them to blossom in ways I didn’t know they could.  Have you talked talk with your kids today? Have you really listened to what they have to say? You may be surprised.