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December 7, 2015December 6, 2015

Let’s take a collective moment of silence for Kinsley and every other child that has been lost at the hands of an abuser.

The purpose of Raising Voices is to teach our children to be confident in their voices, to assure them when they speak up they will be heard. Some of us struggle for most of our adult life trying to find our “voice.” The message, the words, that embody everything we feel and believe. We want to teach our children to find these voices so they can spend their adulthood using them.

Sometimes our children don’t get the chance to find their voice. Sometimes the voices of the innocent are silenced, with brutal finality. And it is then that we are obligated to be their voice. To spread their love and light through this often dark world. And one father is doing just that.

On Tuesday, December 1st little Kinsley was shaken and punched by her mother’s boyfriend* and put to bed. On the morning of Wednesday, December 2nd, a terrifying 911 call stated that the toddler was unresponsive and she was rushed to the hospital.  On December 3rd, 2015, Scott Senft lost his baby girl. Her injuries were just too severe.

The loss of this child hit our community hard, as it should. And sadly, it is not an isolated incident, there were two more deaths in this area alone this same week. All three children murdered at the hands of a mother’s boyfriend.

The community and the world stepped forward to show their support for Kinsley and her father, Scott. A GoFundMe account was set up in her name and donations have been pouring in at an amazing rate. Even more astounding, though, were the hundreds of messages of support and collective grief. We would have understood if Scott bowed down to his  grief. We would have understood if anger burned in his eyes and he spoke of lashing out on his daughter’s murders. But Scott has bigger plans.

He is raising his daughter’s voice.

Kinsley became a donor baby that night, sharing the gift of life with others. The night after she passed, two baby boys received life-saving organs from her. And Scott reached out to those families to show his love and support. He went above and beyond and pledged that money raised in Kinsley’s name would be used to help these families. The funds would enable them to catch up on bills, to be by their babies sides without stressing over money.

Scott’s generosity did not stop there. He asked that in lieu of cards and flowers, toys be presented at Kinsley funeral. These toys will be donated to Toys for Tots and other such organizations so that many other children can have a Merry Christmas. There are mass collections of toys happening all around our community. Because of Kinsley’s love, her father’s love, many children will be having a much brighter holiday. Scott wants Kinsley name to bring smiles, not tears.

Scott has even been seen around town this week shopping for gifts to donate himself and has reportedly stopped a couple parents in stores and paid for toys their children wanted. I am truly humbled by this man’s heart, by his mission to spread his daughter’s love even when he is grieving. I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Friday evening at one of the many candlelight vigils held in our area. Even through his sadness, he radiated love. When he spoke of Kinsley his whole face lit up.

“I just want my daughter back.”

If you would like to help Scott spread Christmas miracles or just show your support there are many ways you can help. You can order t-shirts here and here, as well as car decals here and here.

You can follow more on this story by visiting the Facebook page Pray for Kinsley and if you would like to send a toy donation you can send it to:

Vineyard Community Church C/O Scott Senft

4900 OH-123, Franklin, OH 45005

Hug your babies tonight and #PrayForScott. #JusticeForKinsley

*I am not sharing the names or photos of those who harmed this child. They will get no spotlight on this site.