Raising Voices: Don’t Bully by Meena

Raising Voices: Don’t Bully by Meena
February 15, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Amanda Hester

Don't bullyThis week’s Raising Voices post is brought to you from Meena who is A.L. Mabry’s 15 year old daughter. Meena is an animal and music lover who is currently a home schooled Freshman.

She has walked both lines of the bullying issued and learned a lot along the way. It’s hard to be the victim and it’s hard to break the habit, but having involved and supportive adults provide guidance makes a difference.

Today she shares her thoughts with us.



Don’t Bully

You shouldn’t bully. No matter what your reason is, if you are having family issues and you take it out on somebody else, it’s not fair to the other person who you’re taking your anger out on. It’s not right. If somebody bullies you, don’t bully them back. You may be angry too but by bullying them back it makes people think it is okay. Do the right thing and instead of antagonizing them by fighting back, which will make it worse, try ignoring them and walk away from them. If that person continues to bully you, tell an adult.

Bullying can really hurt someone bad enough to push them to commit suicide. It would hurt to know you were the cause of someone’s death, the cause of a families pain. Just don’t bully, that will give people an impression that you are a mean person. Which would make it hard to make friends. People will stay away from you because they will think that you will pick on them.

If you see someone being bullied, don’t stand there, do something. Say something to an adult. We have got to do something to stop bullying.

Bullying is never the answer.


If your child would like to submit their original work or you have a story to share about how your child is “raising” their voice, please follow the instructions on our submissions page.

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