Poetry: Where Is Story by Jason Leach – Our Write Side

From time to time, one of us will come across something on Facebook and fall in love with it. Today’s post is one such example. Meet Jason Leach, author of this sweet poem about writing, stories, and authorship.

Jason A. Leach, born and raised in Georgia, currently keeping his dreams pointed in the direction of the ocean, loves words and the magic of life they can create. He will say that he can get lost in his thoughts and only be found on the other end of a verse, paragraph, chapter or wherever the magic ends; all while watching the big game, taking in a movie at home, or sitting in silence with the voice, that is writing.

Jason has been a writer, self-proclaimed, all his life, and admits to understanding that writing is a calling. He has not been published as of yet, but hopes to change that before age and necessity dictate other choices. He enjoys movies, sports, the outdoors, good conversation, and a good run!

His only accolade is winning a writing contest in the 5th grade in Decatur, Ga. He spent time in college at Dekalb College, now Georgia Perimeter College, in the late 80’s, and also attended Augusta College, now Augusta State University, in the mid 90’s.  

Along with poetry, he enjoys writing, just writing, and letting that take him wherever it wants to go.  His dream is to one day become a published writer and hopes to make that a career, and live on the beach! He admits to having lofty wishes, and perhaps too much expectation and envy…but why not dream big! Writing with a beach side view, as the sun sets, or a storm rolls in…talk about writer’s block!

Where Is Story

Where is story to tell, how does it unfold

It starts from nothing sitting in silence

As one by one they begin their ascent

From the pit of your stomach, or the heart of your heart, or the

Breathing of longing for a better start

Upwards they rise ever so cautious

For each so hopeful to gain your attention

Just as these words you read came this way

Through the gauntlet of fear and love with something to say

Story lives and breathes and resides within

…It’s there where story begins….yet,

Unopened, un-viewed, a good beginning…anew…

Where is story to tell, but in what you do!