Poetry: Wanderlust by Zainab Attari – Our Write Side

Zainab Attari is a multi-talented woman. She loves creativity and illustrates her creative side with her artistic and linguistic skills. She is an entrepreneur at Chimerical Creativity which is a home-based business of handmade dream catchers. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature & is also a Graphic Designer by profession.

You can know more about her on www.chimericalcreativity.com


Candy clouds float over hazy mountains
Dark forests envelop spooky dens
Unmapped paths lead to bumpy roads
Rivers overflow with crabs, fishes & toads

Sea bathed and sun-kissed
Lost and found in the cold mist
Historic bridges and romantic boats
Eat meat or steal food from goats

Starry skies and sparkling oceans
Silenced mind around surplus commotion
Muddy footwear and classy sunglasses
A cliché tourist among the local masses

Cozy room, hired on rent
Or sparking fire outside a tent
Travelling like a free bird
Sometimes solo or with a herd

Imagining and pondering
Scrolling & Strolling
Through a virtual world, so serene
Displayed on my computer screen.

©2016 Zainab Attari

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