Poetry: Fear of the Unwritten by David Wiley

Poetry: Fear of the Unwritten by David Wiley
April 17, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, OWS Features, Special Feature Stephanie Ayers
David Wiley-Contributor/Reviewer

David Wiley-Contributor/Reviewer

David Wiley is an author of science fiction and fantasy stories, choosing to write the stories that he would love to read.
His short fiction has previously been published in Firewords Quarterly, Mystic Signals and a King Arthur anthology by Uffda Press. He also has a short story forthcoming on Sci Phi Journal. David resides in central Iowa with his wife and their cats and spends his time reading, writing, and playing board games. He is also part of the Our Write Side book review team and a monthly contributor.




Fear of the Unwritten

“Here lies one whose name was writ in water” ~ Inscription on Keats’ gravestone

When thoughts and fears take hold, of meeting Death
before my tales have been transferred from mind
to page, before heroes explore the breadth
of adventures in these stories unrefined.
My soul trembles when I cannot foresee
others reading my work in distant age.
Perhaps the sole thing writ of me will be
words etched in stone, fading without some gauge
of how my life was shaped, molded by words
never coming to be. Alas, that would
be tragedy! The tomes from life unheard,
unseen, unfelt: a life misunderstood.
When shades like these linger and dwell inside,
with hot fervor I write till they subside.

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