Poetry: Cigarette by J.K. Allen

Poetry: Cigarette by J.K. Allen
May 14, 2016 No Comments » Featured Poetry and Shorts, For Authors, OWS Features Stephanie Ayers

Our Special feature today comes from the files of one of our regular contributors, J.K. Allen.


The color of autumn
burns slow at the
end of my cigarette
The flaring embers of
turning to ash with each
inhale of breath
This is the season
where I met you

My breath crystallizes
a plume of unspoken
words, thoughts kept secret
as they disperse in the
darkened light
wisps of prayers on wings
How many cigarettes had we shared
This is the season
where I knew you

The stars glint beyond
the clouds that gather
dark and stormy around my hair
My throat feels singed
with each intake of air
harsh and rasping, I open my lips
This is the season
where I lost you
I breathe in your absence, exhale between my teeth
This is the season
where you’re gone

©2016 J.K. Allen

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