Author Promotional Packages

Author Promotional Packages

You’ve published a book, now what? Effective marketing is the next step in getting your book out there and generating an income from it.

In this very visual and digital age, you need quality graphics to help you promote your book, your brand (which is you!), and make your spaces all over the WWW look clean and professional. This is where OWS Creative Studios can help you! We have a wide range of talent to create any promotional graphics you may need. From book sales graphics to quotes from your book, we can create a customized package just for you. All of our packages can be customized to fit your budget and your needs.

Packages begin at $100. Additional graphics can be added to any package for extra cost.

Basic package includes: four quote images, one sales graphic, one instagram graphic, and one social media cover (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Premier package includes: four quote images, two sales graphics, two instagram graphics, and two social media covers

Event package includes: event cover, welcome and thank you graphics, five customized images of your choice, a presales promo, and one sales promo.

Author Select package includes: 1 full wrap + ebook cover, 1 presales graphics, 1 sales graphic, 4 book quote images, 2 social media covers, 3 instagram graphics, 1 event/release cover, up to 10 event graphics of choice, 1 website header.

Branding package includes: 5 social media covers, 3 instagram graphics, website header, brand logo, 3 custom website graphics

Want a quote? Contact us today with Promo Package as the subject line!

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