Design Services

Design Services

OWS Creative Studios is the graphic design service operating under OWS Ink, LLC. We provide a wide range of services catering to authors and their specific marketing needs, including book covers, promotional and branding images, marketing packets, and website design at affordable prices for authors of all incomes.

When it comes to author platforms, the first impression the public receives is in your designs—your cover, your website, your personal branding. It should leave a lasting impression, no matter what your budget (or the lack of one) looks like. This is one of the many reasons OWS exists. We believe that all authors deserve quality designs, editing, and more for all the hard work they’ve poured into building their story and finishing that novel.

OWS Ink Creative Studios offers those visual quality graphics an author needs to market their name and their books. While we have competitive flat rates, we also understand those don’t work for every pocket. Our open communication, payment plans, and willingness to work with our clients is just one of many things that sets us apart from the rest.

To view our ever growing portfolio, visit our Facebook page. You will also find an array of premade covers in our shop just waiting to be personalized just for you. We offer an extensive selection of services:

  • Book cover design for all genres
  • eBook and print formatting
  • book trailers, author videos, and promotional videos
  • website design
  • customized promotional packets for authors and their books
  • marketing graphics
  • teaser images
  • branding materials
  • logos
  • other ala carte services and more!
Sample book cover in a sample promotional image.