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R.G.Westerman has been writing for as long as she has been able to […]

  • Nancy Miller lives out in the Illinois countryside near St. Louis, Missouri.  She shares her home with her husband of 31 years and three exceptionally spoiled dogs.  After losing her house to fire in November 2 […]

  • Rita Anderson has an MFA Creative Writing and an MA Playwriting. A published and award-winning playwright and poet, Rita went on scholarship to The O’Neill (CF 2012). Her play, Frantic is the Carousel, was the […]

  • As a writer, understanding all the different genres and their sub-genres and their sub-sub-genres gets overwhelming. Where does the line between dark fantasy and horror cross? What’s the difference between mystery […]

  • It happens once a year, and the date swiftly approaches. Daddies are special, especially writerly ones. They need more than your average Father’s Day gifts.

    You don’t always have time to shop though, and […]

  • Sometimes we meet other writing groups with businesses we want to shine. Today, our interview is with Devon Carey, owner of ECMNetworks, and the Elite Critique groups on Facebook.

    Hello Devon! Introduce […]

  • David Wiley is one of three book review team leaders as well as a monthly contributor. He is our go to guy on all things fantasy.
    The Annual Campaign

    Thousands are slain under

    his tyrannical reign. Many […]

  • Eric Keizer is the poetry editor for OWS as well as a regular contributor.
    Summer ’76

    We sweated it out,

    Backseat riders on blue pleather,

    As Afternoon Delight flooded our

    Cigarette fueled […]

  • I’ve got a confession. I have more unfinished stories than I do finished. I am also guilty of Book Writing Blues. What’s that you ask?
    “I don’t believe anyone ever suspects how completely unsure I am of my wo […]

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