Netflix Support Talks Me Off A Ledge

Netflix Support Talks Me Off A Ledge
December 10, 2015 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Amanda Hester

Last night, after yet another hectic day, I crawled into bed with my Kindle and my headphones. I was prepared for a quiet evening hanging out with the Winchester brothers and some monsters. Imagine my dismay when I received an error message denying me entry into my own account. Apparently, hackers occasionally find their way into the streaming account of random accounts. The following is the conversation that took place between myself and Benjamin, of costumer service.

Thank you for contacting Netflix customer support.

Netflix Benjamin: Hello, thank you for chatting with Netflix. My name is Benjamin. How can I help?

Me: Can you help me get access? I am paying for 4 devices, only two are being used atm and I can’t get on to watch my show. I already did the log out of all devices and changed my password
Netflix Benjamin: That’s pretty strange, fear not we can certainly take a look and see what’s going on. To start can you please tell me which device you are trying to stream on?
Me: (Sorry, hi Benjamin. Didn’t mean to be rude, just frustrated.) I am trying to stream on my kindle.
Netflix Benjamin: You’re totally fine, no worries. 🙂
Me: My daughter is on an XBox, my son on a windows phone.
Netflix Benjamin: Gotcha, so I do see that currently 4 devices are streaming. A Mobile phone, Ps3, Xbox, and a Vizio Smart TV.
Me: I do not own a ps3 or a Vizio thing.
Netflix Benjamin: Alright fear not, so what we are going to do is I’m going to send you a password reset link, then once you update the password I’m going to deactivate the devices on my end.
Me: Ok
Netflix Benjamin: From there that will make it so after the current movie/show they are watching they will be signed out and required to enter the updated information which only you will have.
Me: You can’t boot them now?
Netflix Benjamin: Ah if I had a special button that disconnected them I would click it at the speed of light for you, but the way the system is built it will allow the device to finish the current movie/show it is on then it disconnects them.
Me: That’s so unfair considering they are stealing a service I am paying for and now can’t use. I know it isn’t your fault.
Netflix Benjamin: I totally agree and don’t worry, I know how sucky this situation can be haha, let me check a few things on my end and see if there is any way around having to wait the entire time.
Me: ok
Netflix Benjamin: While I do digging on my end, what is your favorite series on Netflix? 🙂
Me: Supernatural at the moment.
Netflix Benjamin: Ah I love Supernatrual!! how far are you in the series?!
Netflix Benjamin: SuperNatural** Whoops
Me: I am in season 3 right now. I am super excited that Netflix is doing the Gilmore Girls miniseries, I can’t wait for it.
Netflix Benjamin: Oooo Season 3 gets pretty intense, also I just sent a password reset link to your email, if you could update your password that would be super helpful please. 🙂
Netflix Benjamin: haha a lot of people are super excited about the Gilmore Girls mini series.
Me: Password changed
Netflix Benjamin: Thank you so much.
Me: 🙂
Netflix Benjamin: So do you like Sam or Dean more?
Me: Dean. I watched Sam grow up on Gilmore Girls so drooling over him would be awkward…
Netflix Benjamin: Awe yeah that could make things a little weird. It’s pretty crazy how short Dean looks standing next to Sam though.
Me: Yeah, but I’m super short so not an issue. I mean there are a ton of other obstacles…like I’m married…he’s famous…but whatever…
Netflix Benjamin: Ppffft that doesn’t mean much, love at first sight, that’s what it will be. Right?!
Me: Totally. I’m super lovable. Most of the time.
Netflix Benjamin: Haha you seem like an awesome person so far, you have great taste in shows, as well as you are pretty funny, I’d say you have a great shot! Also let’s try streaming on your Kindle one more time. 🙂
Me: Trying…Nope 🙁 I even signed out and back in with the new password.
Netflix Benjamin: Gah! I reached out to my engineers and they started to de-activate it on their end, but it won’t deactivate it immediately either. On the bright side though, you could tell your kids that Netflix is going under some maintenance and that we need them to please sign out, and then you can hide in your room and binge watch Supernatural. 😛 That’s what my mom did once.. Tricky woman! haha
Me: lol It wouldn’t be worth the headache. I guess I will just go to bed. 🙁
Netflix Benjamin: WAIT! I see the Vizio Smart TV isn’t streaming anymore. Give it another hsot
Netflix Benjamin: shot**
Me: Yes! I am in! Thank you!
Netflix Benjamin: YEAHHHH You’re welcome, I’m glad we were able to get you back in and streaming!
Me: Thanks you have a good night and I think I will start changing my password weekly
Netflix Benjamin: You’re welcome, totally fine. Thanks for being so polite while we went through this. I hope you have a great night and a wonderful week!! And one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind, please stay online for a one question survey.

I would definitely nominate Benjamin for a position with the local PD, I think he would be great at talking people off a ledge after they have hit their limit of bullshit.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!


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