Nancy’s Notes: Drying Miss Daisy

Nancy’s Notes: Drying Miss Daisy
January 18, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

                I have a shadow.  Her name is Daisy and I fell in love with her on  She was in such bad shape that I wasn’t sure she would survive.  But, when I went to meet her and opened myself to the possibilities, I found she bonded, more like glued herself, to me so strongly I haven’t been able to go anywhere in the house without her dancing around me.  Even taking a shower has changed as she refuses to stay on the other side of the shower curtain.  So I pick her up and rinse her off and then Daddy gets a big towel and dries our twelve pound Papillion/Yorkshire Terrier baby. 

                She ‘assists’ me with my writing and, much like my writing, breaks through my attention when it wanders to remind me that she is still there, waiting to be admired and petted.  But is writing like a pet? You ask. 

In a way. 

Okay, so this is yet another analogy.

                Our writing reminds us it needs attention, likes to be taken out to play, and its bond with us grows stronger the more we care about it.  It becomes a part of your life…your shadow.  It goes with you everywhere, even the shower, so it’s best to keep a notebook handy.  The more love and attention you give your writing, the more you take the time to research and train it, the more beautiful it will become–much like my Daisy. 

                Your writing has to be fed.  It depends on you to feed your imagination with images and experiences so that it can pull them together in scenes.  Even when we write fantasy we rely on our own experiences or one’s we have seen/heard to bring a sense of reality to the piece. 

                Your writing has to be cleaned up after.  Yep, that first draft is a pile of poop that has to be removed.  Editing and rewriting will do much to keep it from becoming just a polished pile of poop. 

                But most of all, your writing needs you to dedicate your time to helping it grow and be strong.  It takes training and commitment to get the best results.  Everyday life will do what it can to interfere but even the smallest amount of attention will garner rewards.

                So, as Daisy perches on my shoulder reminding me that writing has had enough of my time for now, I bid you adieu. It’s a bit of a short column but I wanted to leave room for pictures.  Yes, that is my baby…before and after.  Tonight Daddy will be drying Miss Daisy once again.  I can only fake her out so many times before she catches on.  

20140819_142514                A special thank you to Missouri Humane Society and all the people across the country that rescue and rehab these poor little furbabies. 20140908_110257


Nancy E Miller Nancy E. Miller, romantic suspense author of Shark Bait and Crystal Unicorns, lives near St. Louis with her husband and three dogs, pygmy goats, chickens and a cranky rooster named Ketchup. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She has worked in education and mental health as a case manager and crisis counselor.

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