My Writing List for 2017

My Writing List for 2017
December 26, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

I don’t like resolutions. I’m more of a list girl.  The difference?  Resolutions, to me, are more like wish lists you already know you aren’t going to follow through on.  It’s just a matter of time.

Lists require commitment. They linger on the page reminding you, nagging you, to follow through with a check mark to announce completion. Granted, I do continue to procrastinate…I still need to go in for a new Social Security card.

So here is my writing list for 2017.

1.       Read more books about writing and editing.  This a perpetual number one.  I own more books on the subject than I can read in a year and I buy even more. Writers must educate themselves and keep reviewing what they know in order to produce the best quality work.

2.       Read John Irving’s  ‘A Prayer for Owen Meany’. I have a multitude of others but this is one on my side table that will get done. It is essential to read within your genre and the great writers regardless of genre. Writers read and learn, sometimes subconsciously, but we go on to use what we learn in our own works.  By reading the masters, we pick up on their style and voice as well as the mechanics.

3.       More exercise. Yes, it’s a writing thing. We spend sooo much time on our bums either with pen and paper or a keyboard.  I am a marathon sitter due to back issues. I have to remind myself to get up and walk around so I don’t freeze up or my circulation stall. I wrote a column about exercises writers might do to stretch it out.  Pursue health.  What we put out in exercise should equal or exceed what we put into our bodies.

4.       Write columns that educate, enlighten, and inform. Maybe give you a giggle or two. It is a weekly process of research and commentary.

5.       Have books ready for submission to my publisher (love the sound of that) and resign myself to marketing duties. How did I get my publisher?  I have been writing for them for a year on their site ( both in my columns and works of fiction. They took interest in my book and, fingers crossed, it will be one of their first publications. You have to just keep writing until someone takes notice.

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6.       And I must, repeat, MUST work on eliminating distractions.  If I would go into my office and buckle down, it might be easier. My nephew once told me I had Attention Deficit Disorder. I informed him that, at my age, it was called multi-tasking. He is partially right. My brain is never quiet. After 31 years my husband is used to it but I really do need to reign it in.  The other distractions: Facebook (an evil necessity and addiction), house stuff (never-ending), and my dogs (the four-legged loves of my life).  Hubby doesn’t distract much normally. He’s busy with his own work.

7.       Write, Write, Write!

I know I am leaving things off.  The rest will present themselves as I go along and I will add them on.  Make up your own list. Be honest. Then start checking off the To-Do items.

I don’t need to say good luck. That’s for resolutions. For lists, there is a different phrase. Get To Work.




Nancy E Miller Nancy E. Miller, romantic suspense author of Shark Bait and Crystal Unicorns, lives near St. Louis with her husband and three dogs, pygmy goats, chickens and a cranky rooster named Ketchup. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She has worked in education and mental health as a case manager and crisis counselor.

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