Mapping Out Your Marketing

Mapping Out Your Marketing
February 13, 2017 No Comments » For Authors, Marketing Advice, Writing Advice Nancy E Miller

Over the last few weeks we’ve covered the benefits of Twitter and programs for scheduling posts on various social media sites.  Today I’d like to go over mapping out your plan of marketing at the basic level through advanced. Again, if you find I’ve missed one, please let me know.


Start with these and grow proficient in their use. Each is an avenue to your name and brand.

Amazon Author Page: If you have a book listed on Amazon then you have an Author’s page available to you. A roundabout way of finding it is to go to your book page, go down to Visit Author’s Page (Under More About The Author).  Once there, you will find More Information and a line about Visiting Author Central. You will have to sign in but then you will arrive at the main page where you can access your page and make changes. Make sure to include your website and other media sites.

Facebook Author Page: To keep a distinction between your personal and professional page, consider titling it John Smith, Author or similar. Make sure you list it in your favorites file on your personal page so it is easily accessible with just a click. Why keep personal and professional separate?  I hold certain political and religious opinions that I express on my personal page.  My opinions, my page. It is where they belong.  But I don’t want my book sales and promotions affected by those opinions, nor do I think they should. People can be fickle so I suggest keeping things in their place.

Your Website and/our Blog:  Mine is through since I have other business on their site. You can set it up as either a blog or website.  Other sites have their own ways of set up. It is important you establish a presence early on so you can direct readers to your media sites.

Twitter: I have my issues with the effectiveness of my page on Twitter. Its reach is limited to the number of people following you so you spend time trying to get followers.  I’m sure it works well for others, I just haven’t gotten the hang of it.  I do suggest you make lists of those in your professional and personal followers. Once again, I want my book news to not be affected by my personal posts.




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Snapchat, Pinterest and other visual image based media:  Create not only book specific images but also motivational images.  People LOVE pictures.  Even pics of your pets will stimulate ‘hits’.  As others like your posts, they may also choose to follow you.  Set up special events such book launches on Facebook and incorporate the other sites to direct people to the launch.

Utilize or to schedule your marketing posts. Remember to add spontaneous posts when you get a break from writing or life in general.

Make sure you take the time to follow other authors and like their pages.  Occasionally, post your sites and invite others to post theirs as a reciprocative (yes, I made the word up) gesture.

Either print or have printed business cards with your contact information and your basic sites on it. Maybe even a small image of your book cover if possible. sells 500 cards for $9.99 and provides an easy way of designing them. In handing them out, be professional. Don’t force them on people but if an interest is expressed, feel free.


Bloggers: It’s time to start searching for other bloggers who might be interested in interviewing you about your book. You don’t want to start this too early.  The book needs to be in hand so that you can send a copy to the blogger for their review. Interviews are great for exposure. If a blog’s readers trust the posts of the blogger and you get a positive review, those readers will be more inclined to buy your book.

Endorsements: If you are lucky enough to have well-known writers as followers, you might inquire as to an endorsement.  Reviews are great but endorsements are gold.  Of course, the best possible endorsement is a Forward at the beginning of your book written by an author of renown. This isn’t something you will get with your first book but keep it on the back burner for future novels.

I hope this gives you a bit of a road map on planning out your marketing. If I get any more suggestions, I will write a follow-up column to bring them to you.   See you next week.

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Nancy E Miller Nancy E. Miller, romantic suspense author of Shark Bait and Crystal Unicorns, lives near St. Louis with her husband and three dogs, pygmy goats, chickens and a cranky rooster named Ketchup. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She has worked in education and mental health as a case manager and crisis counselor.

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