Make Your Imagination Work: Great Secrets of Word Building

Make Your Imagination Work: Great Secrets of Word Building
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Having an impressive vocabulary is going to take you very far in life. We all know that one person who always throws in some big words where we try to figure out what exactly it means. Do not wait for those mind blowing moments before you start your own word building exercises. Learn new words every day and get to know the facts about sentence structure. There are many ways you can start to improve your vocabulary and we are here to tell you exactly how to approach this. There are some great secrets people use daily to try and improve their language skills.

A word a day

Adding a new word to your vocabulary each day may seem like a slow approach, but it can add up so quickly, you’d be surprised. If you don’t start somewhere, you are always going to be stuck knowing a limited amount of words. Having an arsenal of words is going to help you become a better writer, speaker and reader. Once you added enough words into your vocabulary, it’s time to put it in sentences. You can always rephrase sentence online and learn as you go along, but adding just one word a day is going to make such an impressive difference.

Read, read and read

There truly is no better way to learn new words, but by reading daily. You can learn things by memorizing and struggling before it sticks, but reading a natural way of approaching this. You can start by reading things you absolutely enjoy and then move on to a few challenging books. Choose something out of your comfort zone. This way you have to pay attention to every word and really take it in. It may be difficult in the beginning, but before you know it, you will find these challenging books easy to read. If you are a student or a professional, you will be able to apply these new found words in your everyday life. Simply use a sentence changer if you are not yet sure how to apply this in your writing.

Connect the dots

Once you have mastered a lot of new words, its time to start building sentences and connecting the dots. Learn new forms of the words and apply them in different ways. Take the more difficult word and make associations with words that are a bit easier to remember. This way, you can use these new words in the correct form. The goal is ultimately to help you speak, read and write better and that includes using the words in complete sentences. Once you have mastered this, you are 10 steps ahead of where you were before you started word building.

Get a pocket dictionary

word buildingIt may seem logical to own a dictionary when you are trying to improve your vocabulary, but you’d be surprised at how many people do not own one. If you are in a crowd and hear a new word, you should be able to take out your pocket dictionary and look up the word. By the time you get to a library or a friend’s house to check the word, you may no longer remember it. We learn as we go along and having a pocket dictionary on you all the time is a great way to quickly check new words.


As with anything in life, you can only improve if you continue to work at it. After you’ve discovered a new word, it is important to practice these words in real life situations. Talk to yourself in the mirror or write an essay including these new words. Whatever you do, try and incorporate these words as much as possible. Before you know it, you are going to be so comfortable with your new vocabulary that it becomes second nature. You might be having a casual conversation with someone and realize that you’ve used one of your new words in the right context, without even thinking about it.


We all should be working on building a good vocabulary. If we all do, there would be better conversations and clear communication. You will also be able to sound a lot fancier and that might just impress the right people. There is no down side to knowing more words and you would greatly benefit from this challenge. Learn a word a day, incorporate these into your sentences and continue to practice. Time flies anyway and you might as well use these tips and start word building.  Believe in your ability to have a great vocabulary. Stop wishing and start word building today. Becoming a good speaker and an affluent writer is always going to help you going forward, so why not start today.  

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