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As writers, we wanted to get our names out there. We became frustrated because we didn’t know where to look. We invested a lot of time we’d preferred to use writing. To save you this trouble, we have done some research for you and put our findings here.??One of the best way to get published is to submit your work to literary journals and magazines. Many of these have permanent open calls and fast response time, but please check each one for their submissions guidelines.

This list will continuously grow, and the open calls may change, so please visit this page frequently. We will do our best to keep it up to date.

Literary Journals

Eskimo Pie

The Camel Saloon

Leaves of Ink,

Voluted Tales

??Story Shack Magazine

The Three Penny Review

Tin House

Black Clock






Word Riot

Radar Poetry

Camroc Press Review

Turtle Island Quarterly

The Dark Magazine

The Adroit Journal

Alfie Dog

Authors Publish Magazine

Cincinnati Review

The Antioch Review


The First Line

The Georgia Review

Camera Obscura


Vestal Review

Flash Fiction Online

Black Warrior Review

Virginia Quarterly


Sequestrum Literary Journal

FM-Jeans On Element-39


Elite Critiques

Stories’ R’us

Tai Chi Magazine

Catholic Digest

Earth Island Journal

Talos Magazine

Just Publishing


AMC Outdoors Magazine

The Sun Magazine

The Nation

The American Gardener

One Story

Glimmer Train Stories

The New Yorker

The Atlantic

Zoetrope: All Stories


Boulevard Magazine

Story Magazine


Daily Science Fiction


FM-Jeans On Element-40

This is just a small list. There are many, many more magazines and literary journals out there. Below we share a few links to more sites you can check out with further listings.

Have you submitted to a literary journal or magazine we didn’t post? Tell us about your experience.

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