Say Watt? The Wattpad Platform

Say Watt? The Wattpad Platform
May 23, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Lilian Oake

WattpadBack in 2010, I was out looking for new places to reach out to to my target audience – young adult. I came across this website,, where readers and writers were coming together to share and discuss books, writing and authors. I thought I hit the jackpot! I saw they had featured stories posted on their home page daily and decided that, with as many members as Wattpad had, I wanted to be seen by them, too. What were the chances to get out in front of that many readers?

Naturally, I made an account and contacted the people behind the scenes. At the time, I was about to be published with a small press (unfortunately, problems arose and that specific book can no longer be found). I told the people of Wattpad that I had a book coming and I wondered what I could do for them to have a helping hand in getting my name out on Wattpad. The woman I spoke to was their marketing woman and she asked if I’d be willing to write a story exclusively for Wattpad. I would post a new chapter every week and my story would be on the home page every two hours. With more than 40 million people from around the world on the site, I figured I’d get tons of exposure and gave a resounding yes. I immediately started my story, Nahtaia: A Faery’s Tale, that weekend.


That was probably the best part about Wattpad – the exposure. Within a year, I had millions of  hits on my story. It brought thousands of interested readers to my Youtube page, blog and website. I started receiving emails from fans and even fan art! An English teacher in Mexico discovered it and actually made a teacher’s guide for other teachers to use while reading the book with their class! It was amazing how many good things came from Wattpad and I would recommend anyone to give it a shot the way I did. Try to contact those behind the website. Reach out for help if you have something to offer in return.

Are there any cons with Wattpad? Yes! Of course!

  • When you post anything on a site like Wattpad, there is every possibility of your idea being stolen. This has happened to a few of the bigger, more popular writers on the site, unfortunately.
  • When you publish a story on Wattpad, it can be more difficult to get your story accepted by a publisher in the future. This is particularly sucky for those stories that really take off. If you would want to share a story on Wattpad, you’ll want to make sure it’s a story you’re willing to keep under your belt without really getting it published.
  • You get buried. There are so, so many stories on Wattpad that it is so very easy to get buried under all the – *ahem* bad stories. You need to have a plan – some way to get your work seen – either, have loads of people at the ready to come and find you and click your stuff, or talk to the people behind the scenes.
  • Just because you have a lot of reads, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll gain any sales. The majority of Wattpad is kids and teenagers. The kinds that don’t really have money.

There is no promise of success when joining a site meant to reach out to readers but there is definitely potential. If going about it the right way, you can gain the attention of millions of readers and create a fan base to really work off of when it comes to publishing.

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As for me, I’m more than a little happy with my experience.

Lilian Oake Lilian (aka L.F. Oake) writes young adult and children's fantasy stories that are good for the soul and teach the reader something if not just to value life and love. She's originally from Phoenix, AZ but now happily lives in the bushy part of North Carolina.

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