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Everyone has probably thought, at one point or another, “I wonder who has me in the background of their Holiday photos?” Looking stunning in a sleek MiracleSuit swimsuit. (You know, the one you didn’t have to bust your ass to get into?) Or maybe you were stealing the show with your good friend Jagermeister…(making a jack out of said ass) Or maybe, just maybe, you were simply existing….

Alternatively, I’m sure you have found yourself thinking, “I hope I don’t run into anyone I know here…” You might be a Puritan who just wanted to check out the mosh pit at the local underground rave, or an adamant atheist blowing off Sunday brunch with your Godless Groupies to check out the local Catholic Church, or maybe, just maybe, you’re a well-known preschool teacher shopping for “toys” and not the kind the kids are begging for…

Nowadays the odds of being incognito are very slim. People are armed to the teeth with technology. Tiny cameras, digital cameras, and cell phones that can take a photo or video then send it to the internet before your brain has recovered from the flash!

Having a right to privacy is like a fairy tale. One day, you’ll tell your grandchildren, “Once upon a time you couldn’t Google your own name and find yourself splayed across the world wide web. You lived happily ever after and no one knew.”

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Every time I turn around I see myself! On Facebook, Myspace, places I’ve posted myself or someone else has posted

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me. People add you to lists and websites, they add your email addy to data bases to earn mysterious points that they never redeem for anything. You may or may not know you are being photographed (or *gasp* videotaped) and you may or may not know where these end up.

Once, I came across videos of my daughter, which I did not authorize, posted on a public website. As you know my daughter has bipolar disorder. If she is not properly supervised and immediately engaged when having a meltdown someone could potentially get hurt. In this case, a teacher purposely and spitefully allowed her to get out of hand and videotaped it! During the meltdown, she maliciously instigated her and had other students taunt her. She went on to post the video online!

Luckily, I was able to contact this site and after going through a brief process to verify my identity, the videos were removed. The teacher was also removed from her position. Cameras in the classroom verified her inappropriate actions. This process may not be so easy every time and that worries me.

It’s not my place to say “Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want spread across the internet.” So, we’ll save that PSA for another day. I just have one question…

Where in the world (wide web) are you?

Until Next time, scribe happy and stay sassy,

*A note from, well me, duh.

Have you ever Googled your own name? You would be surprised at what comes up, especially if you network like a mofo. Everything from social network profiles to tweets, to blog post and more! I challenge you to go (I’ll wait) Google yourself then come back here and tell me one thing you found. Go now! Shoo!

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