Instagram Tips for Authors

Instagram Tips for Authors
February 27, 2017 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Nancy E Miller


This month’s focus is editing but I just have to get at least one more marketing piece in before I jump over to the new topic:  Instagram. Now this medium is new to me so I am learning along with you. has an interesting article and I’m going to share parts along with my own experiences. 

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE:  This is a must from the word ‘Go!’ for any author.  All authors break their works down into what they want to write (genre), who they want to write it for (audience), and demographics (age, race, sex, interests). If you have a niche market (readers who demand a circus performers mystery) then you definitely have to play to the audience. 

Young people tend to utilize Instagram more while older people use it less. So if your audience is young adults then you need to post more often.  If older, then less often.  But post whenever you can find material that grabs the attention of your followers.

ESTABLISH A THEME:  If you are using Instagram for book marketing, then stick to the subject. Use another account for personal posts.  Your book followers probably don’t want to see what you had for dinner last night or (as cute as they may be) pics of your children.  So what is your theme?  If you are a romance writer, pictures of your book cover, quotes from your book, romantic pictures, book signings and readings are all areas of interest.

Check out other authors and see how they use Instagram. Just remember to be as unique as your own personality. Maintain your own voice.

MAKE SURE YOU SPREAD YOUR LINKS:  List your website, blog, author pages, email, and any other contact points you may have. Make sure you are mobile-friendly.  Smartphones and tablets are a way of life now so your information has to be in a format that will show up and be interactive with these users.

GET USED TO HASHTAGS: recommends the use of 10 to 12 hashtags per post.  (I can see myself using Hootsuite or Buffer more and more).  I may set up a cut and paste list just for this purpose to save time.  Check out other authors to see how they use it.  Oh, and make sure to look at what is trending and post to get your name out there for people to see.  I have linked an article from Super Spicy Media about the use of hashtags.

Each type of social media has its particular way of presenting information.  The trick is to know what they are, aim them at your audience, share your contact information, and wrap it up so that they see what you want without distractions.

All this marketing seems like a huge investment in time and effort but it is one that will pay off.  If you don’t get your name and your book out there for people to see, then they won’t buy your book.  Sales require people clicking that ‘Add to cart’ button and to do that they must have knowledge of the product.

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So next week I’ll be taking a look at editing starting with editing marks, common and less used.  Hope you take a look. 

Nancy E Miller Nancy E. Miller, romantic suspense author of Shark Bait and Crystal Unicorns, lives near St. Louis with her husband and three dogs, pygmy goats, chickens and a cranky rooster named Ketchup. Her degree is in Psychology and Sociology. She has worked in education and mental health as a case manager and crisis counselor.

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