The Importance of Self Care in the Daily Grind

The Importance of Self Care in the Daily Grind
January 29, 2018 No Comments » Editing, For Authors, Writing Advice Tiffany Woodbeck

There are times when we just have to take a step back; to reevaluate our situation. Sometimes it takes much more than we think we can handle. Others may feel like a gentle breeze by comparison. Either way, it’s important to recognize when self care is needed. The simplest things can make a world of difference, like eating regularly and getting enough sleep. Here are some more points to think upon.

Be kind to yourself

First and foremost, always try to be kind. I’m not talking about to other people, though that’s usually a good idea, too. But be kind to yourself. No matter what your situation, it’s imperative you take a deep breath and remember you’re only human. Nobody is perfect, and we need to realize how often we really need to give ourselves a pep talk. If you suffer from depression like I do, or any other mental illness, it can be more often than not at times. The worst thing we can do is degrade ourselves.

Recognize when to seek support

I recently went through a large ordeal when I finally admitted to myself I needed help. My moods were all over the place, I couldn’t concentrate, and in general, I was in a bad mindset. I felt like I was going crazy. After the anxiety had taken control, I broke down and sought help. I ended up switching providers, which gave me access to a wonderful team of counselors and a psychiatrist. When I’d spoken to the counselor for quite some time, she conferred with the psychiatrist, who gave me a diagnosis that shocked the heck out of me.

She diagnosed me with Atypical Bipolar Disorder. The reason I was shocked was because for years I’d been told I couldn’t be bipolar, because I didn’t fit neatly into Bipolar 1 or 2. Little did I know that I’d been afflicted with this mental illness for somewhere around seventeen years. Once I received the news, it opened up the possibility of recovery, which seemed utterly daunting at the time. The important thing was that I had taken that step forward,  though.

When to take a step back

Sometimes, even when we’re doing all we can, something extra is needed for our mental stability. Take me for example. I used to have my hands in many pies. I was writing stories, editing, writing articles, and trying my best to market myself as an author. When I received the diagnosis, however, it threw my world for a loop. It meant the start of what seemed like a never ending cycle to find the right medications to help me deal with my issues. The side effects alone made living my life utterly impossible. It got to the point where my anxiety told me something needed to give. After a while, I backed off of almost everything for a while. The situation warranted it, though I hated the idea of “giving up.” In the end though, it’s what was necessary for me to focus on my own self care and to keep moving toward a healthy recovery.

In the end, the most important thing you could focus on in times of distress is yourself. What you should remember is there are people around you who care, whether family, friends, or even online friends. Seek out what you need in order to reach your goal, no matter how big or small it may seem. I hope my story helped in some way. Take care of yourself, whether that means taking a break or reaching out to loved ones.

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Tiffany Woodbeck Tiffany Woodbeck is a fantasy author and lead editor at OWS Ink, living in Seattle, WA. When she’s not writing or editing, you can find her gleaning random inspiration for other artistic pursuits from the people and settings around her. Formerly writing as Stephanie Reisen, she has one book published under her pen name. Luck of the Grave is the first short story in the Gravebound Souls series. Currently, she’s reworking her entire brand, including the book, to be under her real name.

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