How to Make Every Day a Fresh Start

How to Make Every Day a Fresh Start
January 3, 2018 1 Comment For Authors, Writing Advice E.C. Jarvis

I have recently taken to the casual study of physics. Currently, the topic is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Within this law is the concept of Entropy. Now I’m no physicist, and so please excuse my poor attempt at explaining and applying the concept of entropy to this blog post. Put simply, entropy on a molecular level is the law that heat will naturally flow from a hotter body to a cooler body. Given time and exposure to the elements, all things decay into a less ordered, more chaotic state, UNLESS work is applied to maintain order. Imagine a sandcastle standing on a windy beach, before long it will return to just a pile of sand – thanks to the great mind of Professor Brian Cox @ProfBrianCox, a renowned brainiac and fascinating teacher of all things physics for that analogy.

This somewhat grandiose observation of nature absolutely applies to writing. If you don’t keep up the effort and work, the words you have managed to write fade into a big pile of nothingness. To me, a fresh start occurs every time I sit down to write. I don’t much buy into the arbitrary points of time that society bestows significance upon. I don’t bother with birthdays, nor really care for new years. They are just another day of movement along time’s arrow. I don’t do resolutions, nor false promises. Every day is a fresh start in many ways, especially in writing. Of course I don’t mean I complete a whole book each day and start a new one over, that would be absurd. But each word written is one more than the last. Each minuscule sentence adds to the whole. Each chapter completes the journey a little more, and all of them require the same amount of work to build order from the chaos.

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So don’t get too tied up with the notion of a new year and a new start, that only gives the apathy monster an excuse to start niggling at you at some point along the year when you haven’t met whatever goal you set. Writing is hard. Even if it’s something you love doing and don’t notice the exertion you put into it, it still requires work, time, dedication, focus, and commitment. A fresh start begins the moment you stop doing one thing and start doing another.

And if you get a little stuck along the way, then feel free to distract yourself with a little light study of the science that makes up the entire universe and our existence within it, it’s wonderful for a little perspective.

Fight the entropy with your mind, and we may yet create something everlasting.

What do you do to keep the writing flowing through the new year? Tell us in a comment.

E.C. Jarvis is a British author working mainly in fantasy and erotic romance genres. For the last thirteen years, Jarvis has been working her way through the ranks of the accountancy profession in various industries. During ten of those years she has also been writing.

Since the start of 2015, she has completed six full novels, won a number of online writing competitions, and just finished the final book to complete her first series.

She lives in Hampshire, England with her husband, daughter, and cat.

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E.C. Jarvis E.C. Jarvis is a British author working mainly in speculative and fantasy fiction genres. Since 2015, she has independently published five books spanning two different genres and series. The Machine, The Pirate, and The War in The Blood and Destiny series - a steampunk adventure. Desire and Duty, and Lust and Lies in The Consort's Chronicles series - an erotic fantasy. If you like action packed, fast-paced page turners, then try one of her books. There's never a dull moment in those pages. She was born in Surrey, England in 1982. She now resides in Hampshire, England with her daughter and husband. For more information visit
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    Stephanie Ayers

    You’re so right! it gets way to easy to remember this when you’ve been away from a story for awhile. Maybe I should make a reminder on a post it and stick it where I’ll see it every morning.


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