Hello Casper, Let me tell you about my ghostwrite

Hello Casper, Let me tell you about my ghostwrite
February 5, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Wendy Strain

Hey Casper,

Do you remember back when we were both just lonely kids looking for a friend? Casper and Wendy, we made quite a team. Who knew this little (word) witch would grow up to become a ghost, too. Of course, I’m not a ghost the same way you are, at least not yet. But as a ghostwriter, I do get a chance to live through other people’s eyes and weave a little magic every day. I wish someone had told me a career in ghostwriting existed way back then. This is the life I always dreamed of!

Wendy's magic wand

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To tell you the truth, I’m not sure I would have gone for it. I mean, where’s the glory in writing someone else’s book? In most cases, you don’t even get to put your name on the cover or anywhere else. The book goes on without you and you never have a chance to claim it. I wanted to change the world with my own magic, not wave my wand, er pen, for someone else. At least, that’s what I thought.

What changed my mind

Some people say fiction doesn’t mean anything, but Casper, I can honestly say you taught me a lot about the beauty of being able to work in service to someone else, even when no one knows you’re there. Not once did you let recognition for your efforts (or lack of it) stop you in preventing, or trying to prevent, your uncles’ mean tricks on the living or take a moment to make someone sad feel better if you could. That’s why they called you the friendly ghost, right? I still remember the daisy you used to cheer me up when we first met.

Wendy's flower from Casper

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Through you, I was able to see that I could change the world just as I’d dreamed. Writing for other people doesn’t necessarily prevent me from writing my own works. But helping other people find the way to express their story to the world is surprisingly even more rewarding (and the pay is good too). Not only have I managed to write a book (or 30), as a ghostwriter, I have helped people find fulfillment, I have educated thousands, and I have learned so much about topics I might not otherwise have had the time, resources, or original inclination to research but wanted to know.

Thank you and let me give back

Being a ghostwriter would have been my dream job if I’d known it existed and what it was really all about. I can’t wait to tell you all about it through this series of letters. Here are some things I thought you’d be interested in:

  • What life looks like as a ghostwriter
    • The day to day details of what it’s like to work as a ghostwriter. Living the life, getting work, the ups and downs, the technicalities
  • What work looks like as a ghostwriter
    • What it’s like to work on other people’s stories, pulling the stories out, knowing what to focus on, getting into someone else’s voice
  • Why being a ghostwriter is the best job in the world
    • You wouldn’t believe some of the things I get to do just because I’m a ghostwriter, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what other ghostwriters I know have done.
  • How I run my ghostwriting business
    • Living a life as a creative person is awesome, but it only works if you remember to keep an eye on the business side of things, too. Some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way may help you or someone you know.

It can be hard sometimes being a ghost when no one talks to you so don’t be afraid to give a shout out sometimes. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to know. Or you could tell me more about some of your latest projects.

Write on,

Wendy the Word Witch

Wendy Strain Wendy Strain is the Managing Editor for Our Write Side, handling the backroom elements. She’s also living her passion to fill the world with great stories as a full-time ghostwriter and changing the world with great ideas as a freelance copywriter. For a peek into the world of a ghostwriter, follow her Letters to Casper column every Friday.

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