Have You Met the Green Eyed Monster? – Our Write Side

Jealousy is, I think, the worst of all faults because it makes a victim of both parties.
~Gene Tierney

Jealousy. Envy. The green-eyed monster. Keepin’ up with the Jones’.

Now matter how you word it, the meaning is the same. “I don’t have it, they do, I want it. Oh, and I hate them for having it.”

Now, I won’t go so far as to say I don’t want anything. I would be lying. There are tons of things I would love to have. I could write a list of items that would make any given day easier, or more enjoyable.  Like, if you wanted to send me cupcakes, that would be stellar!

However, I don’t feel like my existence is less substantial because I don’t have the latest gadgets and whosits. And, I definitely don’t begrudge Mrs. Jones for her totally awesome thing that I don’t have. No one else is responsible for my happiness, so how would they be responsible if I were unhappy?

My sentiments were reaffirmed one day, long ago, as I held my first garage sale. I think I was addicted from the start. I’d rather get rid of crap than collect more! And the pocket change it brought in ($70 woohoo) was a bonus! My ex-husband had yet again failed to help me in any way and, as a result, I defaulted on my mortgage and was losing the house I worked so hard to purchase. I figured I would hold garage sales every weekend until we moved. Or ran out of stuff. Whatever.

Read. (scavenger hunt)

On that note; I give you five things that will never bring out the green in me, followed by 5 that might (I admit this begrudgingly…)

I’ll Never Cry Over These:

  1. A Coach Handbag/Purse. Am I anti purse? No. Would I turn one of these down if it were offered to me for free? No. However, I would never scour the stores or the internet looking for the *perfect* one because quite frankly, a purse is a purse to me. My current “purse” is actually a backpack. That I bought at Wal-mart. On clearance.  And all that mullah? I’d rather buy books. I mean food for my kids…..
  2. A Brand New Car. Two words: Car Payment. And there would be no eating, drinking, clothes changing (don’t ask) in this car, so basically the minions would be forced to walk. On second thought…..
  3. Not being the Supermom: With the perfect hair, nails, clothes, matching shoes & purse, color coordinated makeup, matching poodle… Who has that much time? I have kids to feed, articles to write, books to read, blog posts to schedule, etc. I do not have time to play Barbie.
  4. Those big, flat, hang-me-on-the-wall TV’s. I am not a TV person. For the majority of my kids’ childhood, we never had cable (I kid you not). I am home all day, every day and never get sucked into daytime TV. At the most I watch movies in the evening with the Hubs. Even then I get sidetracked *ahem* like now. (I feel like I should mention, we do have one of those TVs, but it was purchased with objections.)
  5. A vacation home. I’m sorry, did you say I have to clean TWO houses? Riiight, that is so not happening. Hello Hotel with Maid Service!

I’m not green, but I may be wistful…

  1. Supermom with the angelic crew of children in tow. In the grocery store. During any major holiday. I can admit this will never be me. If you happen to see me with angelic children in tow; either there is chocolate involved or they’re not mine. Probably the latter.
  2. SAHM’s. And, I’m not a working mom who thinks it’s all bonbons and Soap Operas. I have finally been a work at home with my kids for the first time EVER! And it was more work than, well, work! And that’s saying a lot considering I was a preschool teacher. But to be able to devote that much time to my family and our home? To have time to pursue my hobbies? Have time to be more June Cleaver and less… me? Priceless.

Ok, that’s all I got! I promised 5, but as long as I have my Hubs and the munchkins (and the internet) I’m good!!

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!