Guest Post: How to Become A Better Writer: Don’t Hide Your Real Opinion

Guest Post: How to Become A Better Writer: Don’t Hide Your Real Opinion
January 13, 2018 No Comments » For Authors, Special Feature, Writing Advice Stephanie Ayers

Are you on your way to becoming a writer? Well, you have not chosen the easiest path. However, respect for taking such a challenge – you are going to have an amazing adventure into the world of creating texts. How to become a more qualified writer? Apart from having a good writing technique, you need to remember that in no way should you hide your real opinion. To become a good writer, you have to be honest and tell your audience things that you really mean. Do you wish to find out how to be a better writer? Then keep on reading!

Have an Opinion

If you are not an opinionated person, then you would never be a writer. You have to be able to provide your reader with two things – your opinion and the arguments that prove you are correct. Your thoughts have to be clear and simple: if your audience reads five paragraphs and cannot define the main idea, it means that you need to try again. What may kill your writing is being vague and unclear – your opinion needs to be seen properly. Of course, we will not even comment on the situations when the writers have to create articles expressing the views they do not share – this is just wrong! If you are made to write things you do not mean, then you need to change the employer!

Opinion Appears in Your Books

People who read books will always be dominant over people who watch TV – fact. If you wish to have an opinion, you should read as many books as possible. First of all, books will be a good impact on your writing skills – you will develop your vocabulary and learn how to build sentences. Books are opinionated as they are, and you need to learn to prove your thoughts. What does the television give you? Nothing – it only kills your creativity. Nevertheless, we do not insist that you stop watching TV at all. Just replace watching one TV show in the evening by reading a good book. You will see the results immediately!

Try Not to Be Pretentious

Using pompous vocabulary will do you no good. Your thoughts must differ from the thoughts of the high schooler, however, they have to be simple and clear. Do not look for the longest words – your reader will simply not understand you. Instead, they will be more impressed and grateful if you use the vocabulary that is slightly better than the one you use in your everyday life. The audience can always feel the falsehood – you will not be able to cheat on it and be someone who you are really not. Hold on, do you not have time even for simple writing, not to speak of the pretentious one? Relax! Visit our confidential writing service and get back to sharpening the good writing skills slowly and confidently!

Write with Leadership

The reader must hear your active voice in your text. Are you trying to convince someone of something? Of course, that is the main aim you wish to achieve! That is why the text you create has to be convincing and convey leadership. Instead of writing in passive voice, choose the active – see the difference between “The letter was sent by Mary” and “Mary sent the letter.” Can you hear how convincing the second sentence is? While passive voice may sound vague and unsure, the active one will be the sign of your leadership, and the reader will feel it.

Be Consistent

As you start working on the text, do not take long breaks. Stop writing only when you finish the text. How to get better at writing? Simply keep on working until it works! After the long breaks, you lose the thought, and it might never come back. The creative writing stays locked away until you create – the part where you stopped might be even visible to your reader. Creating texts is not a skill one is born with – you have to work on it to make it better. That is why you need to write as much as possible and be consistent in what you create. You will improve eventually, and you have to be patient to achieve this.

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