From Mothers to Daughters

From Mothers to Daughters
May 8, 2016 No Comments » For Authors, Writing Advice Amanda Hester

mothers2daughters“By the time you realize your mother was right, you have a daughter who thinks that you’re wrong”
― Sada Malhotra

It is often stated that there is no relationship like that between mother and daughter. Many mothers take joy in passing their wisdom on to their daughters, even as they learn about life through them. In other cases, daughters observe their mothers and learn from their mistakes. Through the great trials and heartache in my life, my mother and daughter both have taught me important lessons in strength, resourcefulness, and perseverance.

Finding Strength

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My mother became a single parent for the first time when I was thirteen years old, and she had to quickly learn to support our family on her own. In witnessing my mother’s growth from a dependent young woman to an independent woman, I learned about the strength it takes to own one’s self. I watched her newly attained confidence spill into other aspects of her life. That’s not to say things went smoothly, she had to be resourceful, utilizing community programs and carefully managing the budget. No matter how difficult things got though, she never gave up. She was always working towards a better, brighter future, persevering through challenges great and small to become the happy well-rounded woman she is today.

Growing Up Mom

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As I evolved from daughter to mother, these lessons served me well. They gave me a starting point and I have grown through my own daughter. When she was five years old, she received several heartbreaking diagnoses. I was forced to take the strength I learned from my mother and push it further, to be the strength my daughter needed. I quickly discovered that bipolar disorder was not a common diagnosis for children. I was forced again to take a skill learned from my mother and expand it in a new direction. I was able to learn about different medications my daughter needed and many types of therapeutic methods I could adopt at home to help her. Over the years, we have made progress only to find ourselves back where we started time after time. We have found medications and other treatment resources that exceed our expectations only to have them whisked away. And so we push forward, persevering, seeking out newer treatments and innovative ideas.

Living With Balance

motherdaughterAs I balance here, in my role between daughter and mother, I continue to learn every day. I hope that I am as successful in teaching my daughter these lessons as well.

William Shakespeare is quoted saying, “Thou art thy mother’s glass and she is in thee, Calls back the lovely April of her time.”

We are all a reflection of our mothers before us, whether that reflection is pure or it is distorted by our experiences.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy! And hug your mom!


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