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Hello, friends! This week, I was listening to Jethro Tull’s music, and decided that I would do a sort of “fan fiction” piece to celebrate their seminal, 1971 “Aqualung” album.  The album could best be described a musical novel, for each song tells a story within the larger story. Ian Anderson, who composed the music, also produced, played the flute, and sang. I envisioned Ian as the main “character” Aqualung’s brother, and how he would face the passing of time.

I thought that perhaps Ian would attempt to come to terms with the waning of fame, loss of friends (and band mates) and ultimately, contemplate suicide as a way to end the suffering he felt. At first, I struggled a bit with how to tell his story, but as I listened more closely to the Lyrics of three songs from the album, I figured that taking bits and pieces from each song would help to tell Ian’s tale. I started playing “Aqualung” over and over, quickly trying to capture each line as it popped in my mind. I tried to stay in the same rhythm as the original lyrics, and used the same rhyme scheme. Please enjoy!

Ian (Aqualung’s brother)

He soaked up

Shuffling madness,

Exhaling whiskey breath,

Keeps a tight grip on his rocks glass

He ponders his own death.

He stares out on some coeds,

Who ignore him one by one

Should he keep tickling ivory keys,

Or clutch cold pearl handles of his pocket gun?

His gray old bandmates fall ill,

He buries them one by one

He’s so cold/ alone now,

He shivers in the sun,

He stumbles down the corridor,

And fumbles for his keys,

There’s no one to come for,

So goes across the hall to Cross-Eyed Mary’s.

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